The bad news of the morning for Dacia fans: what happens to Spring

If we look at the sales, Dacia Spring seems to have had all the ingredients to be a great success. With the perfect price / performance ratio, many drivers dreamed of the electric car from Mioveni. Unfortunately, things don’t seem so rosy.

Since it was available for pre-order, in March 2021, many Romanians have piled up to buy a Dacia Spring. The inclusion in the Rabla Plus program also helped a lot, which came with massive discounts in the case of purchases of green, zero-emission or hybrid electric vehicles.

Dacia Spring, subject to price increases

When the Rabla program ended in 2021, sales for Dacia Spring also dropped sharply. Due to market conditions, however, given the price at which it will be possible to buy the first Romanian electric car in the new Rabla round, it is possible that many Romanians will give up the fantasy of switching to electric.

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Unfortunately, both in terms of the shortage of chips and the increase in the price of raw materials, the prices of new cars have risen in 2021 by 4-7%, even in Dacia, and the trend of prices will continue in 2022. From the first month of this year, Spring has become a little more inaccessible.

Dacia Spring had a purchase price of 18,100 euros including VAT, when the first orders were initiated, in March 2021. On December 1, 2021, the car in China had reached 19,100 euros. In other words, at the moment, the Comfort Plus version, the only one available in Mioritic lands, has already jumped by 1000 euros since its launch.

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The price for Dacia Spring has risen again in 2022 by about 500 euros. In other words, the catalog price for the Romanian electric car produced in China is currently 19600 euros. In the very happy case that you buy it through Rabla 2022 and take advantage, at the same time, of the Dacia Avantaj program for additional discounts, the car can be purchased at a price of approximately 8250 euros. The waiting period for those who now order is between eight and ten months.

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