Renault’s compact family SUV will be called the Symbioz -.

Renault has revealed the name of its upcoming new compact family SUV in the C-segment. Reportedly named after the French word “symbiosis,” which is itself derived from the Ancient Greek “symbiosis,” the car aims to fulfill Renault’s mantra of “cars for living.”
So, what will this car be called? The SUV will be known as Symbioz. Specific details about the car are being kept secret ahead of its full unveiling in the spring, but we are told it will be 4.41 m long, will offer a Solarbay panoramic glass roof that can become opaque at the touch of a button, and all with the help of E-Tech hybrid technology to deliver 145 hp.
The exact unveiling date for the car has also yet to be confirmed, meaning we should hear from Renault when the Symbioz will be shown to the world.

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Renault's compact family SUV will be called the Symbioz

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