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Best blackjack casinos in canada

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The gambling sector is continuing to boom in Canada, with some sources suggesting that the value of this industry continues to peak above $12 billion.
This market is being increasingly driven by iGaming and online casino gameplay, with virtual iterations of slots and table games now more accessible than ever before on several sites among which Royals Blue. Real money blackjack is certainly popular among Canadian online players, with a huge range of iterations and betting limits available across a growing range of online casinos in Canada.
In this detailed guide, our experts take an in-depth look at the best blackjack casinos in Canada, while also looking at the history of the game and some of best online iterations in 2023!

Top 10 Best Blackjack Casinos in Canada

Let’s kick-off the guide by appraising the very best online blackjack casinos in Canada! I’ll go into more detail about these operators a little later in the guide, but for now here’s a summary of the top 10 and brief glimpse at their most striking features!

  1. ClubRiches Casino: An outstanding selection of blackjack games and live iterations
  2. Laz Vegas Casino: Quick and secure withdrawals
  3. Golden Star Casino: A generous welcome bonus across your first three deposits
  4. Greatwin Casino: A $750 welcome bonus complete with up to 200 free spins
  5. IZZI Casino: A Bitcoin-friendly casino that offers high withdrawal limits
  6. Betcoco Casino: Offer access to a large number of games from multiple software providers
  7. Skycrown Casino: A large number of high quality live casino games available
  8. Fresh Casino: Combines intriguing tournaments with exciting progressive slots
  9. Crocoslots Casino: Excellent customer service and a number of secure banking methods
  10. Emojino Casino: A Welcome bonus offer up to $1,100 and complete with 75 free spins

General Overview of Online Blackjack in Canada

best blackjack casinos in canada

Behind online slots, table games are the next biggest contributor to the iGaming gross gaming yield (GGY), both globally and in the Canadian market.
As a game of skill, blackjack is also particularly popular among seasoned and experienced gamblers, especially those with numerical ability and an understanding of betting strategies (I’ll touch more on this later on too).
Online blackjack has been a key staple of Canada’s iGaming market since its inception in the mid-90s, growing steadily in terms of accessibility and popularity ever since. But what about the wider history of casino blackjack, and has the game evolved much over the years?

The History of Casino Blackjack

The precise history of Blackjack is still widely debated, although the most popular belief is that the game originated in French casinos around 1700. There are clear references made to the game in Cervante’s famous novel ‘Don Quixote’, which was penned in the late 16th and early 17th century.
Blackjack was then referred to as ‘Vingt-et-un’, which translates to ‘21’ in French and refers to the maximum hand you can draw in the game without going bust.
Unsurprisingly, the popularity of the game saw it move through Europe and into North America in the early 18th century, due primarily to the arrival of French colonists in the US around this time. The first legal game in the USA took place in New Orleans, before the state of Nevada legalised casino gambling and modern blackjack gameplay began to take shape.
Interestingly, it took much longer for blackjack to breach the shores of Canada, with the ‘Canadian Criminal Code’ of the 19th century prohibiting all forms of gambling activity. This was finally reversed in 1969, when the code was adjusted and casino gameplay (including blackjack) was legalised at federal level.

How to Play Canadian Blackjack online

Since the legalisation of blackjack and its subsequent proliferation (and evolution) online, there are now a large number of iterations available at the best blackjack casinos in Canada. This has introduced a number of different rules and side bets, which impact directly on gameplay and the prevailing house edge.
The good news is that there are a few universal rules of blackjack, which underpin basic gameplay and classic iterations such as European and American blackjack. For example, all blackjack games start with players placing their ante bets, before the dealer starts to deal hands for himself and all competing players.

The dealer will give each player two face up cards, while draws himself a single face up card and one that’s face down. You’ll then have to count the value of your cards, unless you have a natural blackjack (which combines an ace with a 10 or picture card and is the best hand in the game). At this stage, players and the dealer must reveal their hands, and if you’ve beaten the latter, you’ll usually receive a 3:2 payout in relation to your stake.
If nobody has a natural blackjack, you’ll have to appraise your hand and decide how to proceed. For example, you can either ‘hit’ (which means that you add an additional card to your hard) or ‘stand’ (which sees you maintain your existing hand and draws no further cards). The dealer will act last, while most iterations feature rules that they must hit if their cards amount to 16 or under and stand on hands worth 17 through 21.

Ultimately, the aim is to beat the dealer’s hand, either by having a total that exceeds their own or by avoiding going over 21 and ‘bust’ when the dealer does. You can optimise your chances of winning by building a hand that’s as close to 21 as possible, but you’ll have to play each hand according to the cards that you’re dealt and the dealer’s face up card.

The Different Variants of Real money Blackjack

As I’ve touched on, there’s now a diverse range of real money blackjack iterations in 2023, enabling to bet at variable table limits. Here’s a glimpse at some of the best games when playing blackjack online for real money in Canada!

Blackjack Over / Under 13

This is one of the rarest blackjack iterations to be found online, with ‘Over / Under 13’ comprising two unique side bets. Firstly, you can wager that your first two cards will total more than 13, with this categorised as the ‘over’ bet. Secondly, you can place the ‘under’ bet and wager on your two cards totalling less than 13, with each of these bets paying out even money returns. This gives the house a clear edge, but the game is immense fun and available at a growing number of casinos in Canada.

Blackjack Red/Black

This side bet is virtually identical in structure to blackjack over/under 13, with the only real difference being the focus of your wager. With the red/black blackjack game, you’ll have to bet on whether the first card drawn will be red or black, with the outcome delivering the same payout of 1:1 if you’re successful. At some online casinos, the dealer will automatically win is his face up card has a value of two.

Blackjack Switch

At first glance, ‘Blackjack Switch’ appears to be a less favourable game from a players’ perspective, as a blackjack will only pay out at a rate of 1:1. Similarly, a dealer 22 causes a push against any non-busted hands, but the good news is that these rules are compensated for by the ability to swich cards between two different hands. You’ll have to make two equally sized bets in order to successfully switch cards, before trading the second card dealt to each hand for another.

Blackjack Spanish 21

Spanish 21 is a thrilling blackjack iteration, and one that combines fast paced gameplay with exceptional payouts. This game is played with a Spanish deck, which contains only 48 cards and doesn’t feature 10-value cards of any suit. Although this reduces your chances of achieving a natural blackjack, there are a couple of additional bonus payments that can reward you with up to $5,000 cash prize. For example, if you hold any three 7s at a time when the dealer’s face up card is also a 7, you can qualify for this bonus prize and bank a sizable sum!

Blackjack Royal Match

Royal Match 21 is a blackjack iteration that features an optional bonus bet, which is based on the first two cards that you’re dealt as a player. If these cards are the same suit, or a ‘Royal Match’ (which refers to a King and Queen in suit), you’ll win a decent payout that’s separate to the main game. Interestingly, there are different iterations of this game which feature a variable number of decks, with versions that feature more delivering bet odds. If you play on a six-deck shoe game, for example, you’ll face a house edge of 6.67%, but this depreciates nominally to 6.46% when using eight decks.

Blackjack Double Exposure

Double Exposure is a popular variation of classic blackjack, and one that sees both of the dealers starting cards dealt face up. This creates a significant advantage for player, but you should note that there are a couple of rules that compensate for this on behalf of the house. For example, a natural blackjack in this game only pays out at a rate of 1:1, while there’s no insurance option included on the side. While ‘the push’ often serves as a saviour in most blackjack iterations when you and the dealer tie, this rule has been abandoned in Double Exposure, so you’ll lose every tied hand unless you’re holding a blackjack.

Blackjack 21 Madness

I’ll close this part of the guide with another game that features a thrilling side bet, with this known colloquially as ‘Blackjack 21 Madness’. In this case, the side bet requires you to stake at least $1 that your first two cards will achieve a value of 21, and if you achieve a blackjack, a random number generator will trigger a random bonus payout. In most iterations, the bonus payout can be anywhere between $5 and $1,000, creating a truly tantalising reward.

Live Real Money Blackjack in Canada

If you visit the best live blackjack casinos in Canada, you’ll see a growing range of games and blackjack iterations. These will include variations referenced above, along with modern and online takes on classic, European and American blackjack gameplay. Interestingly, all live blackjack games are real money iterations, while you’ll be able to locate low and high limit tables depending on your bankroll and level of experience. Real-time games of this type usually feature live interactive dealers, while the pace of gameplay is authentic and based on corporeal casino experiences.

Free Online Blackjack in Canada

While you won’t find any free blackjack games on a live platform, most of the best blackjack online casinos in Canada will make their titles available in an official demo mode. This means that you can play the game in full for free and without risking your bankroll, while enabling you to become accustomed to the gameplay and test your betting strategies. This is a great option if you’re a newcomer or want to play a new blackjack iteration, and it can provide a useful and practical learning experience.

Real Money Blackjack Online vs Free Blackjack

With these factors in mind, let’s take a closer look at real money and free blackjack games. I’ve created a simple comparison below, so you can decide how to kickstart your experience when looking to play blackjack online.

Our Review of The Best Blackjack Sites in Canada

Earlier on in this guide, I listed ten of the best blackjack sites in Canada. Below, I’m going to take a much closer look at these casino brands, appraising their current welcome bonuses, available banking options and other important criteria.

ClubRiches Casino: Best for Blackjack Games and Live Iterations

ClubRiches Casino

The ClubRiches Casino was established as recently as 2021, with its games’ library built on the software provided by BetSoft, Relax Gaming, ELK Studios and Push Gaming. The site is fully licensed to operate by the gambling authority in Curacao, while it recently became one of the first Canadian casinos to accept cryptocurrency payments.

ClubRiches Casino Rewards & Bonuses

Currently, you can cash in on a welcome bonus that comprises a 100% deposit match up to the value of $3,000 at ClubRiches. This bonus also delivers 250 free spins, while another promotion will reward you with 10 free spins on iSoftBet’s ‘Gold Digger’ slot when you wager $20 (although you’ll need to opt in to receive this bonus).

ClubRiches Casino Banking Options

There are nine different deposit and withdrawal payment methods available a ClubRiches, including staple options such as Visa, Mastercard, Astropay and Interac. Other deposit options include Pay4Fun and Directa24, while this type of transaction is always completed immediately so long as your account is verified. Through Paycryptos, you can also credit and withdraw from your account, using BTC, ETH, Tether and Litecoin as you see fit.

Takeaways on ClubRiches Casino

As you can see, ClubRiches is a more than viable option as one of the best blackjack casinos in Canada, especially when you consider its exceptionally generous welcome bonus and range of payment options. There are also more than 2,500 games available here, including a broad selection of classic and live blackjack versions.

Laz Vegas Casino: Best for Quick and Secure Withdrawals

laz vegas casino

Laz Vegas is another relatively new online Canadian casino, and one that undoubtedly offers one of the biggest games’ library in the marketplace. More specifically, the site features more than 5,500 games from 92 different providers, creating a huge range of choice and a noticeably large selection of blackjack tittles.

Laz Vegas Casino Rewards & Bonuses

The Laz Vegas welcome bonus is particularly generous, providing up to $1,000 in funds across your first three deposits. This comprises a 150% first deposit match up to $300, along with 50 free spins on the ‘Book of Fallen’ slot. Then, your second deposit will earn you a 100% deposit match up to the value of $300, in addition to 20 free spins on the Gates of Olympus title. Finally, your third deposit will be matched by 125% up to $400, while the site will add 30 free spins on Big Bass Splash to your account.

Laz Vegas Casino Banking Options

While Laz Vegas offers a much smaller selection of payment methods (namely Skrill, Neteller, Visa and Interac), these are all trusted and high-performance options that process both quick and secure transactions. Across these options, the minimum deposit is $10, while the lowest amount you can withdraw from your account is $20. As a general rule, the site strives to process your withdrawal requests within 48 hours, ensuring you get your money as quickly as possible.

Takeaways on Laz Vegas Casino

As you can imagine for an online casino that’s home to more than 5,500 games, it’s little wonder that the site features a large range of standard and live blackjack titles. The live casino is undeniably impressive, with software providers like Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play and Absolute Live Gaming offering titles like Classic Blackjack, Speed Blackjack and Free Bet Blackjack.

Golden Star Casino: Best for Offering a Generous Welcome Bonus

golden star casino

Established in 2012, Golden Star Casino is a popular platform in Canada, thanks in part to its high withdrawal limits (which peak at $60,000 per week through some payment methods). The site is regulated by the Curacao e-Gaming Regulatory Authorities, while there’s a broad range of slots and blackjack games that total’s well over 3,000.

Golden Star Casino Rewards & Bonuses

This operator also looks to reward new customers with a generous welcome offer, which provides up to $300 in welcome funds across your first three deposits. This comprises 100%, 75% and 50% deposit matches up to the value of $100 each, while the first deposit also earns you 100 free spins. Each leg of the bonus has its own unique code, while they’re also subject to wagering requirements of 40x the total bonus funds added.

Golden Star Casino Banking Options

You’ll find an array of trusted and secure payment methods at the Golden Star Casino, including accessible ewallets like SIRU Mobile and WebMoney (which both process instant deposits and withdrawals within 48 to 72 hours). The site also accepts a broad range of currencies, which makes the process of crediting your account and making withdrawals much easier.

Takeaways on Golden Star Casino

These factors combine to create a compelling argument to gamble at Golden Star Casino, while the site’s games’ library features more than 3,320 real money slots alone. These are provided by in excess of 70 providers, while you’ll find multiple blackjack iterations on the main and live casino platforms.

Greatwin Casino: Best for its Lucrative Welcome Offer

Greatwin Casino

There are plenty of reasons to play blackjack at the Greatwin Casino, while the site is also home to more than 4,000 immersive titles across its full range of verticals. Incredibly, this platform also boasts an average payout rate of 98.48%, which means that you can recoup $98.48 on average for every $100 wagered on average.

Greatwin Casino Rewards & Bonuses

Apart from its appealing name, the Greatwin Casino is renowned for its incredibly generous welcome bonus, which comprises a 100% deposit match up to the value of $750. As if this wasn’t enough, you can earn 200 free spins when you complete your first deposit, with the minimum deposit requirement fixed at $30.

Greatwin Casino Banking Options

There’s a huge range of deposit and withdrawal options at the Greatwin Casino, some of which can be used to complete both types of transaction (namely Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Skrill 1-Tap, Neteller and a range of cryptocurrencies). Ewallet withdrawals are often completed within 24 hours, although those processed using Visa and Mastercard may take up to three working days.

Takeaways on Greatwin Casino

There are thousands of titles available at the Greatwin Casino, with the live casino one of the most action-packed and authentic in the entire Canadian marketplace. This is yet another striking reason to seek out blackjack titles and other games at the Greatwin Casino, where software has been provided by market leaders such as Evolution Gaming.

IZZI Casino: Best for Being a BTC-Friendly Casino

IZZI Casino

The uniquely named ‘IZZI Casino’ provides a solid and trusted option to Canadian players, while this 128-bit encrypted platform also offers a sportsbook. There’s also a comprehensive and tiered VIP program at this casino, which can be tailored to suit your level of betting activity and unlocks perks including superior customer service, bespoke promotions and increased withdrawal limits.

IZZI Casino Rewards & Bonuses

There’s also a generous welcome bonus in play at the IZZI Casino, which rewards you to $1,800 across your first three deposits. The first deposit rewards you with a 100% deposit match up to the value of $600, along with 500 free spins. You’ll then earn consecutive 75% deposit matches up to $600 on your second and third deposits, creating a generous promotion by anybody’s standards.

IZZI Casino Banking Options

As I’ve touched on, the IZZI Casino platform delivers some exceptional payment methods, including increasingly popular cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). There’s also a broad range of ewallets available in the form of Skrill, Neteller and Interac, although you may need to be a VIP member to access the quickest withdrawal times.

Takeaways on IZZI Casino

Without VIP membership, the payout speeds at IZZI are slightly below average, but this shouldn’t distract completely from the overall quality of this site. Certainly, its welcome bonus is highly competitive as is the range of games available, while the ability to deposit and withdraw through a large number of crypto tokens creates a key differentiator.

Betcoco Casino: Best for Offering a Large and Diverse Range of Games

Betcoco Casino

The Betcoco Casino was only established in 2022, but it has quickly captured a niche in the iGaming market. More specifically, it has built an extensive of more than 7,500 games, including unusual blackjack iterations from software providers like Habanero and Evoplay. You can also process crypto payments here, with the range of available tokens continuing to grow over time.

Betcoco Casino Rewards & Bonuses

The Betcoco Casino offers a 200% first deposit match up to the value of $200, while there’s also provision for 50 free spins on Pragmatic Play’s popular ‘Gates of Olympus’ slots. While this isn’t as generous as some of the operators on this list, it’s still above the market average in terms of the rewards available to players.

Betcoco Casino Banking Options

As a popular crypto casino, you can deposit and withdraw using tokens such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT, Tether, Tron at Betcoco. Additionally, you can access traditional banking options like VISA and Mastercard, alongside popular and fast paying ewallets including Neteller and Skrill.

Takeaways on Betcoco Casino

By being able to access more than 7,500 games from multiple software houses at Betcoco, you can guarantee yourself a truly diverse and immersive experience online. There’s certainly some unusual blackjack iterations in play at this casino, whether you prefer classic iterations or highly competitive and high stakes live games.

Skycrown Casino: Best for Offering a Large Number of Live Casino Games

Skycrown Casino

While the Skycrown Casino is another new market player that was established in 2022, it has already built a positive reputation among Canadian players. It’s certainly a trusted and secure casino, having been licensed in Curaçao and developed an extensive selection of games (particularly through the live casino platform).

Skycrown Casino Rewards & Bonuses

Skycrown has sought to create a tiered welcome offer, which offers a maximise value of $3,500 across your first five deposits. This includes variable deposit matches of between 50% and 100%, while each leg of the bonus is subject to wagering requirements of 40x the bonus value. There’s a high roller bonus too, which rewards you with a 50% deposit match up to the value of $3,000.

Skycrown Casino Banking Options

The Skycrown Casino also offers a comprehensive range of payment options, including secure and convenient methods like Neosurf. Once again, there’s also a broad selection of cryptocurrency tokens available here, including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Tether. Generally, payout speeds are slightly above average, while withdrawals are completed in full even in the case of high value transactions.

Takeaways on Skycrown Casino

These features also earmark Skycrown Casino as a viable option for players, but it’s the site live casino that really steals the show. Here, you’ll find games from developers like Lucky Streak, Pragmatic Play Live, Evolution Gaming and OneTouch, while all live dealer and blackjack titles are controlled by actual dealers.

Fresh Casino: Best for Combining Intriguing Tournaments with Exciting Progressive Slots

Fresh Casino

Despite being a small-medium sized independent casino from a revenue perspective, this Curaçao-licensed operator is highly secure and thoroughly trusted by Canadian players. You’ll also find more than 3,000 games in the Fresh Casino library, while the platform’s constant stream of promotions and tournaments always keeps players interested!

Fresh Casino Rewards & Bonuses

The Fresh Casino welcome bonus rewards you with a 100% first deposit match up to $600, along with 500 free spins. Additionally, you can benefit from a ‘Cryptocurrency Boost’ promotion, which delivers a 5% cashback on any deposit made through this method. If you contact customer support on your birthday, the site will also gift you a bespoke and celebratory bonus!

Fresh Casino Banking Options

The Fresh Casino arguably offers the biggest range of crypto payment options to players, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and even Ripple. Other methods include Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Piastrix and Neteller, while withdrawals will take an average of three working days to complete depending on which option you use.

Takeaways on Fresh Casino

Interestingly, the Fresh Casino also combines an exceptional live casino platform with immersive mobile gameplay, both through responsive mobile browsers and native apps on iOS and Android. You can therefore access a seamless and thrilling live casino experience wherever you may be, without compromising on security or the range of games available!

Crocoslots Casino: Best for Excellent Customer Service and Banking Methods

Crocoslots Casino

Most new casinos in Canada are focused on offering a particularly huge range of games, and Crocoslots is no exception to this rule. In fact, this site is home to more than 7,000 games, including standard and progressive slots, classic blackjack iterations and a selection of live casino titles that are highly immersive.

Crocoslots Casino Rewards & Bonuses

There are several new player bonuses in play at Crocoslots Casino, which have been designed to suit different levels of risk appetite and bankrolls. For example, you can opt in to receive a 150% deposit match up to $500 and 100 free spins on John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure, while another option will see you earn up to $3000 in bonus funds and a whopping 225 free spins!

Crocoslots Casino Banking Options

There’s an exceptional range of banking methods in play at Crocoslots Casino, with instant deposits available through options including Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller and ecoPayz. As for withdrawals, these typically take 72 hours to process on average, while the minimum withdrawal limit is $20.

Takeaways on Crocoslots Casino

In addition to its myriad of bonuses and excellent banking methods, Crocoslots Casino also offers exceptional levels of customer support. You can raise queries through a 24/7 live chat feature, for example, or raise detailed queries through email. You can also check a comprehensive FAQ to resolve more generic issues, while there’s also VIP support perks depending on your membership level.

Emojino Casino: Best for Delivering a Generous Welcome Offer

Emojino Casino

The last featured casino on this list is the Emojino Casino, which boasts a selection of 1,000+ games in its library and a range of live dealer tables with variable limits. It also offers a generous and above average welcome offer, while you’ll find multiple drops and tournaments that can unlock truly seismic rewards!

Emojino Casino Rewards & Bonuses

The welcome bonus at Emojino Casino provides up to $1,100 and 75 free spins on the TrueL slot ‘Day and Night’. The main portion of the bonus features two distinct legs; the first of which features a 100% deposit match up to the value of $350. Then, your second deposit will earn you a 25% deposit match up to $750, completing a lucrative offer by anyone’s standards.

Emojino Casino Banking Options

You’ll find 10 deposit methods in play at Emojino, eight of which can also be used to transfer funds (including VISA, Mastercard, MuchBetter, Interac, Skrill and EcoPayz). All withdrawals can be completed within an impressive 24 hours, while the minimum deposit limit across all methods is fixed at $30.

Takeaways on Emojino Casino

If casino and blackjack gameplay is your thing, a virtual trip to the Emojino Casino is to be recommended. Certainly, there’s a rewarding welcome bonus in play here, while the sites’ generously stocked live casino platform and comprehensive selection of payment methods contribute to an immersive and convenient experience.

What are the Techniques to win at Canadian Blackjack Online Casinos?

Unlike many online casino disciplines, blackjack is classed as a game of skill thanks to the roles that numerical ability and betting strategy play in increasing your chances of success. But what are the techniques that will stand you in good stead, and what tips can I offer to help you to play the best online blackjack in Canada?

Basic Canadian Blackjack Strategy

While basic blackjack strategy doesn’t make provision for how you wager and manage your bankroll, it lays out clear rules that dictate how you should act in specific, in-game circumstances. These will help to statistically improve your chances of success, especially when engaging in direct competition against the dealer. Here’s an overview:
• Stand when your hand is 12-16 when the dealer has 2-6.
• Hit when your hand is 12-16 when the dealer has 7-Ace.
• Always split Aces and 8s.
• Double 11 versus the dealer’s 2-10.
• Hit or double Aces-6.
Following these rules consistently should minimise your losses over time, while making it much easier to make decisions in the heat of competitive gameplay!

Knowing the Real Money Blackjack Table

If you cash in on one of the bonuses listed above and look to deploy this at a real money blackjack game or table, it’s important to appreciate the competitive nature of this niche and the authentic pace of gameplay. This can make it incredibly hard to cope and make informed in-game decisions without experience, especially when looking to adhere to a predetermined strategy. This is why I’d always recommend playing free or demo blackjack games to help test your strategy, while this also allows you to get a feel for specific types of gameplay.

Learn to Count Cards in Blackjack

Card counting is a controversial strategy that enables practitioners to determine whether the dealer has a real-time advantage on the next hand. However, the continuous shuffle machines used at most online casinos render card counting ineffective, but for the few live games that don’t use this technology, it can be used to potentially count cards in multi-deck iterations. However, this remains a challenging art form even without factoring in the use of RNGs, so you may be better served focusing on more beneficial strategies.

Take Insurance in Online Casino Blackjack

When playing blackjack iterations that allow it, I’d also recommend taking out insurance side bets when playing online. This is offered when the dealer’s face up card is an ace, and taking the wager means that you’re betting on him having a blackjack. This bet plays out two-to-one odds if he does indeed have a blackjack, but if he doesn’t you’ll lose your stake. This is often a sensible side bet, however, especially when you’re playing iterations with multiple decks and a higher number of 10-value cards.

Other Winning strategies at the Best Blackjack Online Casinos in Canada

Deploying consistent and well thought out betting strategies that are suited to your bankroll is also a viable strategic move, while there are different options available to players. For example, those of you with larger bankrolls may want to use negative progression strategies, which see you increase your stake incrementally with every loss and optimise potential wins. Conversely, you can use positive progression strategies, which increase your stake with everyone and focus on conservative bankroll management and minimising losses. This decision may also be influenced by your underlying appetite for risk.

How We Ranked the Best Online Blackjack Casinos in Canada

The casinos recommended above have all been ranked according to key criteria, each of which impacted on the typical player experience. There are five such criteria to bear in mind, and I’ve explored these in further detail below:

Blackjack Games

Recommended casinos are rated in part on the number of blackjack games that the offer, both on the standard platform and live casino entity. These games should also be accessible and capable of being played without buffering, regardless of which device type you’re using. The best online blackjack casinos also use HTML5 technology to make games available on every device, so you can enjoy a seamless experience wherever you are!


As you can see from the list above, all of the recommended sites have been licensed and regulated by a recognised authority. These include the Curacao e-Gaming Regulatory Authorities, while this accreditation ensures that a site is secure and trustworthy. It should also be displayed on the operator’s site, along with the relevant license number and their headquarters.

Bonuses & Promotion offers

Some of the recommended casinos referenced in this guide have developed some genuinely impressive welcome bonuses, which are highly lucrative and multi-tiered. Promotions are also reviewed in terms of their associated wagering requirements and game weighting terms, so be sure to compare these to identify true value and choose an offer that suits your starting bankroll.

Mobile Usability

Mobile gameplay is important, with more than 50% of Canadian gamblers now wagering regularly on the move. So, sites should be appraised based in part on their mobile offering, whether they operate a responsively designed website or native apps on Android, iOS or Windows. As I’ve already said, sites that offer their full range of games to mobile players will earn a higher ranking due to the flexibility and convenience this offers.

Overall Game Variety

While the number of games included in a casino’s library is important, it’s also crucial that consideration is given to the variety of blackjack titles the overall gameplay experience that they provide. So, online blackjack casinos are ranked based on the diversity of their standard and live libraries, while the respective quality of games and number of software houses represents is also key.

Final thoughts on Online Blackjack in Canada

There’s certainly a number of viable options when searching for online blackjack iterations in Canada, with table games of this type retaining almost cult-like status and particularly popular among experienced players.
Many of the casinos with the best blackjack iterations (both classic and live) also offer a myriad of other benefits too, including lucrative welcome bonuses, secure and diverse banking methods and some of the biggest games’ libraries imaginable.
Just be sure to compare the Canadian market in detail before choosing the blackjack casino that’s right for you, using the above ranking criteria and first-hand player reviews while also sampling your preferred blackjack games in demo mode where possible.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Blackjack in Canada

What is the Average Return Rate at Canadian Blackjack Casino sites?

Across all online verticals, Canadian blackjack casinos deliver an average payout of between 96% and 98%. However, online blackjack itself is one of the most rewarding and profitable iGaming verticals, with many iterations of the game boasting an RTP rate of more than 99% and a house edge of less than 1%.

What are the most popular Canadian blackjack games?

Classic blackjack remains one of the most popular iterations online, thanks to its simplicity and the fact that a natural blackjack pays out at a rate of 3:2. Other widely played versions include Spanish 21, Double Exposure and Blackjack Switch, the latter of which lets you trade cards and optimise your chances of winning in exchange for a slightly lower blackjack payout.

Can I play Canadian blackjack on mobile?

You sure can! All of the casinos recommended above feature some kind of mobile presence, whether this takes the form of a responsively designed site that’s accessible through a mobile browser or native apps on different operating systems. In many cases, you can choose between these two options, affording you complete control over your experience.

Why should I try Online Blackjack in Canada

If you’re a casino lover who is looking for a new online game, there are few more rewarding than blackjack. Remember, many iterations have a house edge that’s considerably lower than 1%, while this can often be reduced further simply by deploying simple gameplay and betting strategies consistently.

Where can I find Canadian Blackjack games online?

All of the online casinos listed above feature traditional and live blackjack iterations, creating a huge range of choice when looking to identify games. However, sites like Betcoco have a particularly large range of blackjack iterations, some of which have been developed by less renowned software developers like Evoplay and Habanero.

What do I need to play at the best Blackjack Online Casinos in Canada?

All you need to play at the best online blackjack casinos is a registered account and the requisite funds to meet minimum bet limits. If you’re going to succeed as a player, you’ll also have to develop an understanding of blackjack and easy to sustain betting strategies, while it also helps if you have rudimentary numerical ability and appreciation of numbers.

Which Canadian blackjack Casino Online is the most trusted?

This is a tough one to call, as all of the recommended casinos featured in this guide are secure, fully licensed and highly trustworthy. They also secure your transactions with 128-bit SSL encryption, ensuring that your payment details are kept safe and your money is protected at all times!

Free BlackjackReal Money Blackjack
Enjoy Risk-Free GameplayBank Returns on Your Starting Bankroll
Test Your Betting StrategiesAccess Live Blackjack Tables and Tournaments
Get Used to the Pace of Online Games Using Demo ModeCash-in on Real Money Welcome Bonuses
Access a Limited Range of Free GamesCompete Against Live Dealers and Enjoy an Immersive Experience
Miss Out on the Thrill of Real Money GamblingPut Your Money and Bankroll at Risk