Pagani announces new track-based hypercar, known as the Huayra R Evo -.

Pagani has seen other automakers shift to hybrid or all-electric and decided not to follow suit. The hypercar manufacturer has lifted the curtain on a brand new vehicle, built for the track and powered by the thirstiest V12 engines.
The V12-R Evo engine, known as the Huayra R Evo, which is at the heart of this hypercar, is said to deliver up to 900 hp and the equivalent of 770 Nm of maximum torque. Pagani has not yet revealed any information regarding the car’s maximum speed and acceleration and the like, but it was mentioned that it has a cockpit inspired by the latest innovative trends in the motorsports world, especially with safety in mind.
The catch is that this car will likely never hit the road or become a consumer product, as Pagani has stated that it will join its lineup of vehicles offered in its Arte in Pista exclusive hypercar program. This in turn means that no information on the car’s price has been revealed either.

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Pagani announces new track-based hypercar known as the Huayra R Evo

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