A new Uber Eats ad is being criticized for showing a peanut allergy -.

The recent Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial seems pretty silly. It’s about how you forget something to remember that Uber Eats can deliver your groceries. It’s filled with celebrities, and in about three seconds of the one-minute ad, someone with a peanut allergy forgot that peanuts are in peanut butter.
Those who suffer from food allergies did not find this short clip funny and expressed their displeasure to Uber Eats. Food Allergy Canada has written a letter asking people to write to Uber to inform them that they need to edit their Super Bowl ad.

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JD Arland, a sports content manager from Indiana, told the BBC the following: “I have been relentlessly bullied all my life by this stereotypical portrayal of anaphylaxis. To perpetuate this offensive joke is unacceptable Uber Eats.”

Arland explained that this could be an opportunity to educate people about the effects allergies have on ordering food and how difficult it can be.
What do you think? Is this an overreaction or a justified response to the ad?

A new Uber Eats ad is being criticized for showing a peanut allergy

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