Fine of up to 500 lei for a trivial gesture in traffic: you did it without realizing it, many times

The 2022 Road Code comes with important changes for Romanian drivers and painful sanctions. The list of changes also includes some gestures that, at first glance, may seem innocent, actions that you have often done, intentionally or unintentionally.

At the end of last week, the government adopted a draft ordinance defining sanctions for the situation in which you parked your car properly. This time, however, it is not a fine for the place where you parked the car, but how you left it. Basically, the police will be able to sanction you if, when you park, you did not activate the parking brake or the auxiliary brake, you did not stop the engine or you did not leave the car “at speed”.

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Parking that can cost you dearly, introduced in the Road Code 2022

Before the effects can be felt, the above change must be published in the Official Gazette, but the most difficult part was the adoption by the Government and that stage has passed. Romanian drivers will be able to be sanctioned by traffic agencies if they do not follow a series of rules when stopping and parking cars.

In other words, “failure to apply the auxiliary brake, to stop the engine and to engage in a lower gear or in the parking lot if the vehicle has an automatic transmission, when the driver of the vehicle is immobilized on the public road is moving away from it ”. If you omit these measures and you get out of the car, you can receive three penalty points and the corresponding fine of up to 500 lei.

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Although it is quite difficult to ascertain this situation, it was most likely designed for the situation in which the car starts moving unattended and starts to cause various damages. As a reference, according to the Highway Code, “the voluntary immobilization of a vehicle on a public road is considered a stop for a maximum of 5 minutes. After this duration, the immobilization is considered stationary “, according to

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