Pagani doesn’t think the time is right for its electric hypercar -.

While Pagani is working on an all-electric hypercar, the son of the automaker’s founder, Christopher Pagani, has now stated that we should not expect this EV anytime soon.

Speaking with, Pagani noted that due to the current limitations of battery technology, the EV space is not yet ready for an all-electric Pagani, meaning we will not see the car unveiled or shown anytime soon.

The reason is not necessarily due to the fact that batteries cannot power an EV Pagani, but more so due to the fact that the automaker defines its cars by being lightweight, and current batteries do not currently allow for that.

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“Our goal is to create something that has to be lightweight. If you look at Pagani, you see that is common with all the vehicles we produce, they have to be lightweight,” Pagani said .

“You have to have a special feeling about it, which sometimes you can call ‘fun.’ You can call it fun. But the weight is definitely our first question mark. So probably today with the existing technology we can’t create the Pagani in the way we would like to do.”

Pagani has not put a timeline on when this EV will debut, because it does not ” follow the market or fashion”.

Pagani doesn't think the time is right for its electric hypercar

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