Leaks show that the Air 3 could be the new top dog in the midfield

The DJI Air 2S offered good value for money and used a large 1-inch sensor.  The successor will go one step further.  (Image: DJI)

The DJI Air 2S offered good value for money and used a large 1-inch sensor. The successor will go one step further. (Image: DJI)

Drone manufacturer DJI’s Air series will soon have a new member, and according to initial information, the Air 3 could have a feature that would make it particularly attractive compared to other mid-range drones.

Die DJI Air 3 zoomt wonder

According to the DJI leaker Quadro_News, the DJI Air 3 will receive another camera: a telephoto camera. While the leaker doesn’t state what focal length the camera will have, he says it should either 3x zoom with a 1/1.3 inch sensor or one 7x zoom with a ½ inch sensor receive.

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Of course, the telephoto camera is not a real zoom lens, but a fixed focal length that will offer a 3x or 7x magnification compared to the main lens. Recently, the premium drone DJI Mavic 3 Pro received such a feature. The new Air 3 could therefore be particularly interesting for those who want to film objects that are further away with a drone, but do not want to use the more expensive Mavic 3 Pro directly.

For drone beginners, the new feature could be worth the extra cost compared to the cheaper DJI mini drones.

This new info is supported by another leak coming from DealsDrone. He already owns a DJI Air 3 and the photos show how big the new camera module is, which could be explained by the inclusion of a new camera.

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The main camera will continue to be a big one 1 inch sensor use. Whether it’s at 20 Megapixel remains as with the predecessor of the DJI Air 2s, has not yet been clarified.

Finally, Quadro_News assumes that the Air 3 will have an unchanged flight time of 30 minutes will have. Exact information on the price does not yet exist, but a new camera could drive the price higher. Currently around the 1.000 Euro speculated. It should appear either at the end of June or beginning of July this year.

For those interested in drones: Patrick has tested the new DJI Mini 3 for you, which is very suitable for beginners. Check it out:

Are you interested in the DJI Air 3? Do you already own a DJI drone and plan to upgrade to this one? Or maybe you already own the new Mavic 3 Pro and can report how satisfying the new telephoto cameras are? If you don’t own a drone yet, are you planning to get one or is there something specific stopping you? Tell us in the comments!

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