Esports Bureau: Last Battle arrives

The 2022/23 season of Storm Circuit VALORANT’s Storm Circuit comes to an end and the best teams are looking to climb the VALORANT Challengers Spain: Rising. In the next few days will take place ‘Last Battle’.a closed tournament that will pit the teams that have scored the most points in the Storm Circuit and the Radiant League against each other. The winner of this competition will be announced on June 4, and will have the privilege of playing for promotion against AYM Esports, a team in relegation position in the VCL.

The current edition of the competitive structure is possible thanks to Riot Games and the support of top-level brands such as Intel, PcComponents, Red Bull, Omen, Samsung SSD and Chocomel.

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Qualifying teams

The top 10 teams that will have the opportunity to fight for promotion to the top division of VALORANT in Spain are: Team Galaga, FIVE, Wygers, Melilla Titans, Serpes, Team Aku Aku, MIV, The Last Monarch, Kumiho Esports and Kirin Gaming.

Tournament dates

‘Last Battle’ will kick off this Tuesday, May 30 with a group stage to which 8 of the 10 qualified teams will enter. Team Galaga and FIVE will enter directly into the Semi-Finals, while the rest will try to advance from the first phase. The Quarterfinals will take place on June 1, the Semifinals on June 2 and the tournament will culminate on June 4 with the Grand Final.

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The winner of the ‘Last Battle’ tournament will get the place to play the Relegations to VALORANT Challengers Spain: Rising against AYM Esports, which is currently in relegation position in the top tier. In addition, the Group Stage will be broadcasted on the official fancast channels, the Quarterfinals will be available on Fleki’s Twitch channel and the Semifinals and Grand Final will be broadcasted on the Circuito Tormenta channel.

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