REVIEW The Stepfather – the Netflix thriller where the main character in You is the “good guy”

The Stepfather is, de facto, one of the slightly old movies you can now watch on Netflix, but it’s a good one.

Admittedly, you can tell that The Stepfather didn’t have much of a budget at the time, but the acting performances of the performers manage to cover up the little script holes and directorial stutters.

Why you should watch The Stepfather

In case you haven’t seen The Stepfather before, maybe you should, since the film tells the story of an unsuspecting serial killer who absolutely obviously continues to claim victims. He manages to do this by changing his identity and inventing, each time, a life as a normal human being.

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So, if you like serial killer movies and feel like breaking out of your Michael Mayers movie trance this Halloween season, maybe give this 2009 production a chance.

Dylan Walsh manages to be absolutely masterful in the villainous lead role and, we suspect, may have willingly or unwillingly given a few lessons to his co-star Penn Badgley.

In case you don’t know who the latter is, we’ll remind you of a show that deals, to some extent, with the same subject. It’s called You and you can see it all on Netflix. This time, the lead role, of the serial killer, is played by Badgley. In The Stepfather, the actor, who at the time was much “smaller”, played the role of the little vigilante, the only one who realizes the true nature of his “stepfather”.

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The Stepfather keeps you glued to the screen and does so gracefully, despite the small budget, as mentioned above, and the fact that by some cinephiles’ standards it could be considered an outdated film.

You can see it on Netflix.

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