What to eat in Greece: 15 dishes to try

Traditional Greek cuisine is based entirely on Mediterranean cuisine.

That is, all dishes are prepared mainly with oil, salt, various flavors and products of Greek origin. Therefore, if you are visiting Greece, do not hesitate to try some traditional dishes.

Mediterranean cuisine is one of the best cuisines in the world. Apart from Greece, many countries follow this food custom that has been inscribed as a intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO.

For this reason, below you will find some traditional Greek dishes that you must taste when traveling to Greece.

15. Thessaloniki Colors

In other words, the Thessaloniki pretzel is an ideal choice for a light breakfast. It is a snack that you can find everywhere in Greece. You can buy a Thessaloniki koulouri either from bakeries or street vendors in Thessaloniki or anywhere else.

In addition, nowadays, there are several types of koulos. For example, in addition to the classic pretzel, you can taste raisins, chocolate or cheese cream. Of course, you can accompany this breakfast with a cup of Greek coffee.

14. Bougatsa

Another breakfast option is bougatsa. It is usually accompanied by a sweet semolina cream, powdered sugar and cinnamon. Bougatsa is a dessert that refugees from Asia Minor brought to Greece. It has since become a favorite dessert for children and adults alike.

You can find bougatsa traditionally in Thessaloniki, but also everywhere in Greece at bakeries or bougatsa bars. Keep in mind that in addition to sweet cream, you can also find bougatsa with other fillings. For example, you can try bougatsa with cheese or even minced meat.

13. Greek salad

It’s lunchtime and one of the dishes you should try in Greece is Greek salad. It is mainly a summer salad, but you can find it every season. It’s our favorite salad. That’s because it contains so many delicious and fresh vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and onions. Above all, tasty feta cheese with olive oil and capers will make your day.

Every tavern in Greece offers this traditional Greek salad. Therefore, do not forget to order from this dish. But remember that Greek salad is a dish for everyone at the table – not an individual dish.

12. Fava

Above all, you will also eat beans in the form of a salad. Beans are a legume that, when cooked, looks like puree and is accompanied by olive oil and onions.

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Beans are a traditional dish of Santorini. That is, if you plan to visit Santorini for the holidays, ask for some fava along with other dishes. Also, don’t forget to try a glass of local wine.

11. Tzatziki

Everyone has heard of tzatziki. So if you visit Greece, you can’t leave without tasting a traditional tzatziki. It is a garnish, a sauce and is the ideal choice if your main choice is meat.

Tzatziki is made from yogurt, cucumber, garlic and olive oil.

10. Fried girl

If you want to try something different, keep in mind that you may see fried feta in the menus of several taverns, especially in northern Greece. Feta is a type of cheese that is mainly produced in northern Greece. The fetus is made exclusively from sheep’s or goat’s milk.

The fried feta is also a side dish and is usually served with honey, sesame and hazelnuts. Once you try it, you will definitely love it.

9. Dolmadakia Gialanji

Greek sauerkraut is still a traditional appetizer. Another dish that was brought to Greece by refugees from Asia Minor. The Turks call it Gialanji, which means “fake” because it does not contain minced meat.

However, the Greeks are accustomed to making them with vine leaves stuffed with rice and olive oil and lemon on them. It is one of the most delicious choices, especially in summer. You can combine this meze with a glass of ouzo.

8. Antichrist

If you enjoy eating lamb, then Antichrist is the best choice for you if you are visiting Crete. In other words, antichrist is a traditional Cretan recipe. Antichrist means “opposite.” The Cretans cook the antichrist in a pit in the ground where the fire is made and the lambs are placed in a circle.

This way of cooking dates back to ancient times. Cretans followed this recipe when they wanted to make sacrifices to the gods. That is, the antichrist lamb was their first and most important food choice. You can also try a glass of wine or raki which is a Cretan drink.

7. Pastitsada

Pastitsada is a traditional dish served in Corfu. Its basic ingredients are meat and thick spaghetti. Moreover, many women in the villages of Corfu prefer to add a little cinnamon while cooking.

You can find meat dishes everywhere in Greece. However, pastitsada is a little different. Chefs can add a mixture of spices with cinnamon, grated cloves, nutmeg and cumin. I also use red wine and vinegar for the sauce. Finally, the meat is not cooked in oil, but in Corfu butter. After lunch, you can also enjoy a glass of local liqueur.

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6. Traditional pies

If you have the chance to go through Epirus, then you should try some traditional pies. The locals of Epirus cook many types of pies, for example, Kasiopita, Kothropita, Kimadopita, Pepeki, Kasata and Blatsaria. Above all, especially if you visit Tzoumerka or Zagorochoria, tasting a pie is a must.

The locals of Epirus have kept and still use the traditional pie recipes. So feel free to ask their opinion on which pie to try and they will suggest the right pie for your tastes.

5. Spetsofai

Another great option for a traditional dish is spetsofai. You can find this dish in Pelion. Spetsofai is cooked with sausages, Florina peppers, eggplant, zucchini, onions and tomatoes. You can accompany it with either rice or french fries.

Greece has strong animals and therefore the sausages used by local chefs come from Greek meat. You can also drink a glass of wine or ouzo while tasting this amazing dish.

4. Spaghetti With Shrimp

Spaghetti with shrimp is such a popular dish not only in Greece but also in many countries around the world. However, if you are traveling to Rhodes, this is an ideal choice. Rhodesian fishermen bring fresh shrimp every day, while many restaurants make homemade pasta.

For this reason, this spaghetti with shrimp preparation is unique. Moreover, in the traditional recipe, among other ingredients, the chefs also add some ouzo. In this way, it gives a unique flavor to the food.

3. Loukoumades with honey

At noon, in the afternoon, you can taste some loukoumades with honey. Loukoumades are a light dessert made with sugar, lemon, honey, flour and corn flour.

Some people like to add cinnamon and sesame seeds, while others prefer a little chocolate. So, it is up to you to decide which of these two options you prefer. You can taste traditional loukoumade in Thessaloniki.

2. Künefe Peyniri

Künefe is a desert that refugees from Istanbul have brought to Greece. It can be served with your favorite ice cream, especially in summer. Above all, an excellent choice for ice cream flavor is Kaimaki ice cream.

So all these sweets belong to the cultural heritage of the Greeks of Asia Minor. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, don’t forget to try some künefe.

1. Souvlaki

Above all, I couldn’t miss the most popular Greek food, souvlaki. You can taste souvlaki everywhere in Greece. Most importantly, according to dietitians, souvlaki is a complete dish

So, if you are a little hungry at night, you can choose to eat souvlaki. You can buy it quickly and you will eat it lightly by hand like a sandwich. You can choose from pork, chicken or kebab, accompanied by a box of Greek beer.

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