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A new season of Call of Duty will be released on April 12, and Activision has revealed the roadmap for season 3. New content for Warzone 2 includes a brand new battle pass, more operators, a Ranked mode and more. Below we highlight all the major announcements for season 3 of Warzone 2.

New weapons and operators
Season 3 of Modern Warfare 2 adds four weapons to the game. The battle pass includes the iconic Intervention sniper rifle, rebranded as the FJX Imperium sniper, and the Cronen Squall battle rifle.

Later in the season, players can expect two new handguns. Activision’s blog does not mention them by name, but both are described as fully automatic weapons.

Both Alejandro Vargas and Valeria Garza from the Modern Warfare 2 campaign will be available to unlock in the battle pass’s premium tiers. It is teased that more operators will appear later in the season, likely to be available as shop bundles.

Season 3 also introduces an expanded version of the battle pass bundle. The standard pass remains available for 1,100 CoD points ($10), but the Blackcell is an expensive $30 bundle with over 7,000 CoD points worth of value. Find all the details about the Blackcell bundle here.

New event challenges
Trophy Hunt
Season 3 adds Call of Duty’s new Trophy Hunt event, which begins two days after the season’s launch. During this event, each player drops a “trophy,” which is described as a small, decorative coin when they are eliminated in each mode. Players can grab or earn these trophies by performing specific tasks, such as opening supply chests.

These trophies can then be redeemed for items displayed in the events tab, including weapon blueprints, vehicle skins and battle pass token tier skips.

Camo challenge event
The mid-season update will add a camo challenge event similar to the Path of the Ronin camo challenge event from season 2, but Activision says more details will be provided later.

Battle royale
New modes
Warzone 2 adds a respawn “Massive Resurgence” mode to Al Mazrah, allowing up to 150 players to compete against each other in different squad sizes. This mode will be available at launch.

Later in the season, Warzone 1’s Plunder mode will finally be available in Warzone 2, but Activision does not confirm whether this will be played on both maps or just one. Plunder is a respawn mode where the team with the most money wins.

Warzone Ranked is the new competitive mode announced for battle royale. This will arrive later in the season and will be played in trios with a leaderboard and more.

New gulag and features
Al Marzrah’s existing prison gulag will be replaced by a new 1v1 area. Not to be confused with the Black Site areas in Warzone 2, the new Gulag map is also called Blacksite. This new arena is described as a roughly rectangular, asymmetrical map with several internal spaces and long external routes. This is likely linked to a new map location on Al Mazrah, as the current location of the Blacksite Gulag is teased as “Classified.”

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Season 2 added Redeploy Drones to Ashika Island and now season 3 adds these drones to Al Mazrah, giving players a new way to move around the larger map of Warzone 2. The season’s launch also adds UAV towers from DMZ. This allows players to interact with the towers and get various UAV scans from the tower’s location.

Season 3 will introduce a feature previously seen in Caldera of Warzone 1, namely Tempered Plate Carriers, which will be added to change players’ armor plates. With an equipped Tempered Plate Carrier, a player’s armor consists of two half beams instead of three thirds beams, making it easier and more efficient to change plates after a battle.

Additional features are being added with the mid-season update, including Caldera decontamination stations, deployable Buy Stations and more.

DMZ is getting a huge overhaul for season 3. Fortunately, the blog doesn’t talk about a complete reset like when season 2 launched, and instead just adds many new features to the mode.

One major change is the upcoming barter system. This is not a trade between players, but a way to exchange goods at a buying station, rather than just being forced to sell found items for money.

Another important addition to DMZ are the workbenches, which can be found on the map near the buying stations. This new feature allows players to customize their Contraband weapons. Players can spend money to add or remove modifications piece by piece.

Active Duty Operators bring another major change. Each player starts with three Active Duty Operator slots, which are basically three separate operators with their own unique equipment. These items include a player’s backpack, plate carrier, killstreaks, self-revive and gas mask.

For each infiltration in DMZ, a player can choose which Active Duty Operator to use, meaning a player can equip himself with an operator built specifically for a mission in Building 21-runs, and another built for collecting items without losing any high-tier items.

There is also a new DMZ boss, teased as being somewhere underground in Al Mazrah, but more information on this will be announced later in the season.


New modes Multiplayer adds Cranked, Gunfight and GW Infected. Cranked is the fast-paced mode that forces players to string together kills and stay “cranked” to continuously reset a timer and avoid exploding. Gunfight are chaotic 2v2 matches played over a series of quick rounds on small maps.

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While Cranked and Gunfight will be available at launch, GW Infected is scheduled for later in the season. This will be Call of Duty’s Infected multiplayer mode played on the larger Ground War maps.

Gunfight will also get the Gunfight: OSP variant later in the season, which is very similar to the standard mode but requires players to pick up their weapons and equipment from the ground instead of receiving a standard loadout per round.

Multiplayer maps Season 3 adds several maps to the game, including three core maps, one 6v6 map tailored for night vision, two large-scale Ground War maps and four small arenas for Gunfight.

For standard 6v6 maps, the launch of season 3 will include the recently unveiled Pelayo’s Lighthouse map, a stormy night map with an island lighthouse setting. Black Gold is a night vision map, bringing back the NVG multiplayer feature from Modern Warfare 2019. Black Gold’s setting is set on the Al Mazrah Rohan Oil point of interest and the map will be included at launch.

Later in the season, Alboran Hatchery will arrive as a 6v6 standard map. This map had no description, and an additional unnamed core map was also teased for the mid-season update.

Both Ground War cards will be added at launch. Rohan Oil is added as a large-scale Ground War map, which also uses the Rohan Oil location of Al Mazrah. In addition, Sattiq Cave Complex is the second map, using Al Mazrah’s Sattiq Cave Complex as its setting.

For the Gunfight maps, these are mostly familiar locations that have been scaled down to a smaller 2v2 arena size for Gunfight. The four maps in rotation for season 3 are: Shipment, Exhibit, Alley and Blacksite, which is also the new Gulag for season 3 of Warzone 2.

New co-op content
A new season means a new installment of Raid. These episodic two-player Raids continue the story of Modern Warfare 2, with a mix of stealth, action and puzzle missions. Episode 3 will appear later in the season, but Episode 1: Atomgrad and Episode 2 are still available for those who want to catch up on the story and unlock operator skin rewards.

A new Special Ops mission has also been announced for the mid-season update. Players will tackle the Las Almas Cartel at a location somewhere in Al Mazrah.

In addition, a new season of Modern Warfare 2 means more new prestige levels, more seasonal challenges, weapon balance and bug fixes. Ranked Play will also receive a new season of cosmetic rewards to earn.

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