How to choose your printer

Thanks to digitisation, in many areas, documents are stored in digital format. As a result, there is less and less need for printers. However, there are still areas where printing documents is necessary. For example, in sales the contract is always drawn up and signed on the spot by both parties in several copies. As long as there is no switch to digital signatures, there will be such practices.

A printer can be useful in many ways. It’s good for small businesses, where you need to pull out paperwork from time to time, or it can be useful for giving small businesses activities. We’ve put together a collection of information to prepare you for choosing a printer. In the article you’ll read about things to look out for and an example of a very popular device among consumers.

General aspects

Before comparing features or prices, you need to think about whether the need for a printer is real. The device is affordable in price, but if you’re not using it to its full potential, the money is wasted. Make a list of the reasons why you need a printer, and then decide if it’s worth the investment.

There are several types of printer, with the categories determined by the main activity you’re buying it for. The inkjet model is mostly used for photos and graphic projects such as posters or posters. The laser model is suitable for printing documents, papers and a larger volume of paper. There is also a model used predominantly by photographers or studios, made specifically for printing high-quality photos.

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If you want to print both documents and photos, look for a printer that has a high resolution. That way, the device prints documents at high speed, but also maintains high quality when printing photos.

Sustainability is another factor to consider. Depending on the type of MFP or not, you’ll need different materials on the logistics side. For example, for laser printers you should always have a paper top ready. The amount of paper you use is very important. Also, the more you print, the more ink the device uses. So you should periodically buy printer cartridges. A laser printer will always need these two things to work. If you think you can save money by buying a cheaper device, that’s just an illusion, because stocking up on the supplies mentioned above will require a constant budget. Every printer has such needs, so roughly calculate the budget you’re willing to allocate on consumables before making the decision to buy.

Printers generally have the option of connecting to your computer via a USB cable. However, newer models can do this via Bluetooth or WI-Fi. A wireless printer will save you the hassle of an extra cable to plug into your computer.

Brother HL-1222WE Printer

This Brother printer is a model that uses laser printing. The general paper size that can be fed is A4. It has USB and Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can either connect it to your computer via a cable, or you can connect it to your phone via an app specifically made for this printer.

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The Brother printer is a Monochrome model, which means it can print in one colour. The disadvantage of any printer is that only a certain type of ink can be used for printing. This printer uses ink produced by the company that also markets the device itself. Such a supply provides about 1500 pages of print.

This is a very fast printer. The processor frequency is 200 MHZ and the print speed is 20 pages per minute. However, the device has a limit of 10000 pages printed in a month. This is the maximum it will reach, but the recommended volume is around 1800. Failure to do so can lead to product failure or problems with printed materials.

The Brother printer has a paper input capacity of 150 sheets. The output capacity is 50 sheets. It also prints at 2400 x 600 resolution.

The device weighs just 4.6 kg. It’s easy to store because of its size.

This printer model has been given as an example so that we can go into more detail on the specifications. It’s also a popular model to buy because it’s very good value for money.

Shop around and find the printer models you like that are well priced. Make your decision only when you have found the best option. The device should fit your needs and the amount of paper you plan to print each month.

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