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With the cancellation of Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars first-person shooter, reportedly featuring a Mandalorian as a protagonist, more details about the project have emerged thanks to Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson. It was called “fantastic” based on developer feedback and playtesting, but Electronic Arts deemed it “too much financial risk.”

Players would reportedly control a Mandalorian bounty hunter, but not the same one from the Disney+ series of the same name. It had a hub called The Den where players could access their upgrade terminal, armory, a map of the galaxy and their ship, with bounties to select and pursue.

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Although it offered linear level progression, the title had larger open areas for bounties and “other secrets.” In addition to expanded mobility thanks to a jetpack, there was reportedly a takedown feature similar to DOOM’s Glory Kills.

Stormtroopers were a major threat, with different types wielding shotguns, sniper rifles, rockets, etc. You could also encounter bosses such as AT-STs, with different planets that had unique threats such as outlaw gangs and rival bounty hunters. Henderson noted that it was “still a ways away” from launch, but had “a fairly polished vertical slice and a few other missions/levels almost complete.”

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The project’s cancellation followed news of layoffs at Electronic Arts for about 670 employees and the closure of Ridgeline Studios. It plans to focus on “new projects based on our own brands while providing support for existing games.” It likely includes a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, with lead actor Cameron Monaghan confirming its development in September 2023. Stay tuned for a possible announcement in the future.

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