Levi’s new campaign omits a real model for an AI model -.

AI is popping up more and more in the headlines. From ChatGPT’s latest exploits to improvements in image generation, we’re seeing a lot of advances in the technology. Now clothing brand Levi’s has replaced a real model with an AI-generated model for its latest campaign.

The unnamed AI model was generated in collaboration with LaLaLand.ai, a digital studio that previously created avatars for companies such as Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. According to Amy Gershkoff Bolles, Levi’s global head of digital and emerging technology strategy, the model will help the brand’s representation of sizes, skin tones and ages.

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For those worried that we will only see digital diversity from now on, Bolles also said that these AI models will not completely replace humans, but will instead serve as a complement.

“When we say supplement, we mean that the AI-generated models can be used in conjunction with human models to potentially expand the number of models per product,” said a Levi’s spokesperson. “We are excited about a world where consumers can see more models on our site, potentially reflecting any combination of body type, age, size, race and ethnicity, allowing us to create a more personal and inclusive shopping experience.”

Thank you, TheGuardian.

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Levi's new campaign omits a real model for an AI model

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