Redfall Trailer Shows the Story of Layla – That’s Gaming

With Redfall from Arkane Studios less than a month away, it makes sense to focus the spotlight on the playable characters. There are four, and Layla Ellison may have attracted the most attention. A new trailer (courtesy of IGN) offers more information about her and how her telekinetic powers awakened.

While she was at the movies with her friend Jason, they were attacked. Just when it seemed they were safe, two vampires suddenly appeared. Jason sacrifices himself to save Layla, who uses her powers to save herself. Of course, a failed medical trial at Aevum-the same biotech company responsible for the vampire outbreak-gave her telekinesis, but the life-threatening situation seems to have awakened them.

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Layla can summon telekinetic umbrellas, which can move forward and block damage while harming enemies. She can summon a telekinetic elevator to send enemies into the air, serve as cover and elevate herself to higher vantage points. In addition, Jason lives on as a summon that will take down enemies at her request.

Redfall will be available May 2 for Xbox Series X/S and PC. It will also launch on Game Pass on day one. Stay tuned for more details on the other characters.

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