Umbrella Academy’s hidden symbols show you the future: what you missed in season three

The Umbrella Academy series is famous for its underhanded clues, but also for using symbols to convey certain details about upcoming seasons.

“Squirrels” could be a clue to next season, for example. To recap: first, it was Umbrella Academy, then The Sparrows. Symbols and clues appear throughout the series.

You may recall that at one point, the camera insisted on the symbol of a squirrel, and this could mean that this would be the name of the next academy Umbrella Academy would have to deal with: the Squirrel Academy, run by none other than Ray Chestnut.

Allison chooses to press the ominous red button, thus resetting the Umbrella Academy timeline and reducing it to the world created by Reginald Hargreeves, which is why chaos ensues, even though Allison seems to have achieved the perfect life she always wanted. She returns to find her daughter, Claire, and her husband, Raymond Chestnut. A mysterious “squirrel” might reveal something important, though.

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Umbrella Academy hints at the plot of the upcoming seasons

When Allison returns home in The Umbrella Academy, season 3, episode 10, “Oblivian,” a distinctive sign appears on the front door, which may suggest the appearance of a new academy.

This decal was not, however, present in the previous timeline, when Allison went, for the first time, home and discovered that Patrick and Claire did not remember her in season 3, episode 2, “Biggest Ball of Twine”.

The Umbrella and Sparrow symbols are an important part of the show, so the new symbol could be just as important. There are at least 43 hidden sparrows in season 2 of The Umbrella Academy, alluding to Sparrow Academy, which appear in the season 3 timeline.

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Obviously, more explanation of these mysterious symbols can be watched in the attached clip below.

All three seasons of the series can be seen in full on Netflix.

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