Galaxy S23 and Pixel 7 lose resale value much faster than iPhone 14

It seems that the Galaxy S23, the entry-level model in Samsung’s new flagship series, doesn’t hold its value very well over time and, along with the Pixel, can already be bought for almost half price on the used device market. A survey published by SellCell, a service that deals with phone resales, shows that two months after its launch, the Galaxy S23 has lost more than 43% of the value of its price announced in early February.

Android models depreciate faster in first two months than iPhones

SellCell compared the newest phones from Apple, Samsung, and Google brands based on value lost in the first and second month after launch. It turns out that the Pixel had the fastest drop, with the phone selling for 43.1% less in stores just one month after launch. Two months later, the phone’s price had almost halved to 45.9%.

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A similar situation we find with the Galaxy S23, which after the first month was selling at HS “as new” at a price 41.1% lower than the original, while after another month it lost another 2%. Thus, those who usually buy Samsung or Pixel models at launch from the store would rather take a month or two to get the phones at almost half price. But it looks like the S23 is doing better than last year’s S22, which got cheaper much faster.

This year, including the iPhone has seen a significant price drop in a short time, something that didn’t happen much previously. The iPhone 14 lost 32.3% of its value in the first month, but in the second month the price started to rise again, with the price only 31% lower. However, the price drop is much faster compared to the iPhone 13. The reason is pretty clear though: the iPhone 14 didn’t come with any major hardware or design changes, it’s basically just an iPhone 13 with very minor improvements. Thus, users were rather encouraged to buy last year’s model at a lower price.

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The 14 Pro Max model, however, seems to hold up best. After the first month, it was available for 21.7% less than in store, but the price went up after two months (probably due to stock issues), being listed at just 13.6% less in “like new” condition.

Source: SellCell

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