Electric cars in Romania: what you need to know, where to repair them, how much they cost

Electric cars have fewer moving parts than the “classic” ones and for this reason their revisions are cheaper and simpler.

An electric vehicle does not require replacement of oil, antifreeze, replacement of the timing, clutch or any other intervention specific to a heat engine.

However, there are some maintenance operations related to battery cooling systems, diagnostic battery testing, and software updates.

In addition to these overhauls, the electric vehicle requires periodic replacement of the brake system components (pads, discs, fluid) and tires.

Moreover, the suspension, steering, air conditioning system and lights must be checked and repaired in a timely manner.

Some electric cars also need overhauls on the transmission side, for example, 3-year differential oil replacement (Volkswagen e-Golf) or gearbox fluid check / replacement at 12 years or 240,000km (Tesla Model S).

Where can electric cars be repaired?

In the case of regular maintenance operations (braking system, steering, suspension, air conditioning), electric cars can be repaired in most authorized workshops in our country.

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However, if the car has a significant battery failure or any symptoms related to the electric undercarriage, these will need to be remedied by a dealership or specialist service.

At present there are few workshops with experience in repairing electric cars and the best recommendation is either to buy a new electric car (and by default, under warranty) or second hand, but with a valid warranty, to avoid high potential costs. repairs.

For example, replacing the entire battery can cost between € 5,000 and € 12,000, in some cases exceeding the purchase price of the car (if purchased second-hand).

If the car has a valid warranty, the costs of repairing the defects on the electric running gear will be covered by the manufacturer – a particularly important aspect in the purchase of second-hand electric cars.

How much do electrical car repairs cost?

Periodic maintenance work on an electric car is often convenient because these vehicles have fewer moving parts.

The items to be replaced periodically and some indicative prices are as follows:

  1. Pads and discs and brake fluid: ~ 300 lei set of front-rear pads, 800 lei set of front-rear discs, 50 lei / 1 liter of brake fluid;
  2. 16 inch tires: ~ 800-1200 lei summer / winter set;
  3. Shock absorbers: ~ 500 lei / piece;
  4. Springs: ~ 300 lei / piece;
  5. Freon charging and sanitation of the installation (including passenger compartment with activated carbon): ~ 600 lei;
  6. Checking and overhauling the battery cooling system (in the case of machines with active cooling – fan or coolant): ~ 200 lei.
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These amounts are approximate but in general the maintenance of an electric car is cheaper and in addition to fuel economy, such a car is economical and due to simpler and rarer overhauls.

There are alternative solutions, such as replacing the affected cells, but in order to get the best working condition, the overhaul must be done completely and correctly. Although it is a less common defect in recent electric cars, it must be taken into account and a thorough check of the battery in the dealership is an essential step in the second hand purchase process.

However, the best advice for buying a used car is to choose a car with a battery warranty within the shelf life.

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