Why are Ferrari cars so expensive

Today we will talk about the coolest cars that are produced exclusively for the richest people on the planet.

They are a symbol of power, money, speed and brilliance, which is why everyone with money wants a Ferrari in their garage.

Because they are hard-to-reach cars, they become a trophy for those who can afford them. But what makes these cars so expensive? What are the technical aspects behind the extremely high price? We will discuss, below, some of the reasons why 4-wheel jewelry is:

Speed ​​makes all the money

The experience of driving a Ferrari does not compare to any other pleasure. Obviously, not in the daily traffic, but on a straight and long road or on a highway as we will rarely find in Romania. There you will feel how 8 decades of excellence justifies the exorbitant price. You will have the opportunity to drive at 325 km / h or 350 km / h, depending on how much you like speed. But that’s not their limit! Let’s not forget that the Ferrari 288 GTO, a model from the ’80s and the forerunner of the famous Ferrari F40 car, can reach 440 km / h.

Limited supply, high demand

When it comes to Ferrari, there is an extremely high demand, one of the reasons for the high price. How many millionaires and billionaires are there in the world? The number of people who want to own a Ferrari and the number of people who can afford it has far exceeded the number available. That’s why the car will always be in a limited edition, unlike the standard cars with affordable prices for ordinary people. In addition, if they did not always raise the price, the factory would go bankrupt because they produce for a small segment of the population.

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Quality materials and style

All the parts that make up a Ferrari model are, as you would expect, of the highest quality. From the suspension, to the wheels, to the Italian leather, to the engine or to the body, everything is made and verified by top paid professionals. Before a model is taken out of the factory, it is subject to rigorous quality assurance control for functionality and style. Because it is a luxury car, the rich who buy it expect it to be perfect. It is checked and re-verified, tested and retested, which is why the price increases enormously.

Ferrari raises VIP cows

Hard to believe or not, but for the inner skin, Ferrari raises cows in VIP mode in the Netherlands. The special breed has a preferential treatment so that their skin is of the best quality. Unfortunately, the company is also extremely demanding when it comes to using this raw material for the interior. If the skin shows even the slightest defect or sign that the naked eye cannot perceive, Ferrari will throw away the whole piece. So imagine how much skin you throw away every year just to pass the quality control test. In addition, the company spends a lot of money to paint it to the liking of customers, and the leather on the chairs is sewn by hand.

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The cars are hand-made

For those who didn’t know, most Ferraris that leave the factory are made and assembled by hand. Each machine is detailed exactly to the customer’s requirements, and some modifications or improvements take time until they are made. In addition, the factory uses quality products such as carbon fiber, aluminum, pure leather and state-of-the-art technology, which in turn are costly. Because they are produced in limited numbers, Ferrari parts end up costing several hundred dollars. Even the technique by which the paint is applied is unique and much more expensive.

Why is Ferrari so special?

The company uses racing car technology in its street cars. Since the 1990s, everything they have perfected in Formula 1 has been applied to luxury models, another factor that has led to their high price. In the late 1990s, Ferrari finally offered the first automatic manual transmission, the single-clutch “F1” transmission offered in the F355, model year 1999. In addition, it offers a unique and distinctive design.

Ferrari does not sell to anyone

Hard to believe or not, but the company cares so much about its reputation that it rigorously checks its customers beforehand. The company asks for information about the bank account directly from the source and makes sure that no one will mortgage their home in order to buy a Ferrari. 87% of Americans will never afford such a car.

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