UCAM will continue to bet on the ‘UCAM Stars’: All the ‘Influencers’ will stay

The Catholic University of Murcia will continue to bet on the ‘UCAM Stars’, its team of ‘Influencers’ and Content Creators, during the next year.

To celebrate its renewal, next week there will be a charity ‘UCAM Stars Day’ against Cancer, on the occasion of International Cancer Day (February 4), where all creators will be interacting from their channels playing various games. The day and time will be announced soon on the social networks of the University and the esports club.

The team of content creators is as follows: Raquel de la Rica ‘Paracetamor’ Martín, Francisco José ‘Poseidón’ Cano, Marcos ‘Kitos’ Ruiz, Victoria ‘victoriarodrgzz’ Rodríguez, Sergi ‘Maestro Ciego’ Belenguer, Javier ‘La Botella de kandor’ Olivares, Camila ‘KADnita’ D’Ambrosio, Borja ‘Nancla3’ Nanclares, Aritz ‘Moyorz’ Acevedo, Pau ‘PochiPoom’ Prada, and Aitor ‘CabraVoladora’ Gilabert.

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UCAM Stars belongs to group of ambassadors of the University who help to spread the values of the University. and that counts with profiles from the fitness world such as Lucía Aguado ‘The Saiyan Kiwi’, World Bodybuilding champion in 2019; Pedro Benito, professional soccer player, the ‘streamer’ Sergio ‘OllieGamerz’ Carbonell and the professional eFootball player, Alex Alguacil. In addition to the new additions: Marcela Peraz, Mira Qué Plan, JoseChof and Eva Corujo.

The initiative that emerged in 2021 has not stopped growing and brings together ‘Influencers’ from all fields, its content can be followed through its official channels and on the social networks of UCAM and UCAM Esports Club.

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