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By participating in Freemode Events and Challenges, for which both the risks and payments are this week doubled, you’re guaranteed to get swept up in the chaos and carnage on the streets of Los Santos, while also earning some.

Whether you go through Air Checkpoints flies, makes the streets unsafe in Criminal Damage or achieve dangerous speeds and perform stunts in the Highest Speed or the Longest Wheelie Challenge, there is plenty to do!

Look for the usual announcements in an appropriate session with at least four players to participate.

2x GTA$ and RP for Power Play

At Power Play is all about performance enhancement. Collect power-ups and weapons to beat the other team and earn this week’s 2x GTA$ and RP.

Acid Lab Production Boosts

Any chemical reaction can be accelerated by the right catalyst. Therefore, Acid Lab Production Speeds increased by 50%. Add to that the 30% off Acid Lab Supplies to then and chances are the locals will never get their heads out of the clouds again.

GTA$ bonus for daily repositories

Pay attention to whether your Daily Stash Houses sees. If you raid one on three different days this week, disable the security and crack the safe, you get a bonus of GTA$100,000 (within 72 hours of completion).

New Ugglies shoes and accessories

Don’t repeat your outfit and keep up with the latest streetwear trends: rubber shoes with socks. Head to local clothing stores to buy new Ugglies and socks, and don’t forget the Ensemble Cuffs.

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On PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S only.

Premium Test Ride: Principle Deveste Eight

Park your personal vehicle in the LS Car Meet and visit Hao’s Special Works to try out his latest experimental Premium Test Ride: a slime green Principe Deveste Eight (Super) with full torque.

This week’s HSW time trial

Once you have an eligible ride, try this week’s HSW Time Trial, a fast-paced sprint between Terminal and the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness.

Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom

Head over to Simeon Yetarians Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom to see this week’s selection of cars for yourself:

  • Karin Futo GTX (sports car)
  • Coil Cyclone (supercar, 30% off)
  • Pegassi Vacca (supercar)
  • Vapid Contender (SUV)
  • Übermacht Zion Classic (classic sports car)

Luxury Autos Showroom

Search the Luxury Autos Showroom to find the Grotti GT500 (classic sports car) and Obey 10F (sports car) gleaming in the window.

Take the Vapid Chino, Grotti Turismo Classic and Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire out on the road for a spin

The Test Track is the perfect place to discover how the Vapid Chino (musclecar), Grotti Turismo Classic (classic sports car) and the Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire (musclecar) feel, without having to pay anything for it.

To be won in the Car Meet: the Ocelot Swinger

Drive against oncoming traffic, dodge the LSPD, outsmart your opponents and choose a unique route to finish top 3 in a Pursuit Race three days in a row to win the timeless Ocelot Swinger win. This mythical classic sports car has a decade-long racing history.

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To be admired on the Diamond Casino stage: the Vapid Desert Raid

The Lucky Wheel is not sparing with its prizes this week. The top prize is a Vapid Desert Raid. This off-road truck is made to negotiate cliffs and rock walls with ease.


GTA+ members can take advantage of a wide selection of rewards, bonuses and other perks through June 7, including:

  • A free Vapid Slamtruck
  • A Drone Station for your Arcade
  • New Chameleon Paints
  • 3x GTA$ and RP for Freemode Events
  • 1.5x GTA$ and RP for Fooligan Jobs

Plus a bonus of GTA$500,000 automatically deposited into your Maze Bank account after payment, for only €5.99 per month. For more information, visit the GTA+ website.


  • Grotti Stinger (classic sports car) – 30% off
  • Coil Cyclone (supercar) – 30% off
  • Declasse Vigero ZX (musclecar) – 30% off
  • Acid Lab Supplies – 30% discount

Gun Van discounts

Head to the Gun Van to purchase items from a changing stock of discounted weapons, such as the Service Carbine at 20% off, throwable projectiles at 15% off, and Armor at 20% off. GTA+ members get 25% off the Railgun, and other discounts:

Railgun (25% off for GTA+ members) | Service Carbine (20% off) | Heavy Pistol | Sweeper Shotgun | Compact Rifle | Combat PDW | Molotovs | Sticky Bombs | Grenades | Armor

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