The series with which Kanal D wants to be stronger than Netflix in Romania. It’s a premiere on small screens

TV station Kanal D wants to hit the big time with the series it hopes to beat Netflix with. Chances are the new premiere will enjoy the same success as other movie series aired on the same TV channel in the past.

Kanal D is one of the most popular TV channels in Romania and has prepared another Turkish series for the Romanian audience. Turkish series have enjoyed a real success on the channel in the past, and now the makers have prepared a new film for Romanians.

One of the series that kept Romanians glued to the small screens was “Infidelul”, which ended at the end of February. As expected, the TV channel’s people have prepared a new premiere for its fans, so a new Turkish series has been broadcast since 3 March at 20:00.

The “Destinies” production promises to be a spectacular one and hopes to keep the audience caught up in the story. What is unusual for Romanian television is that the new series will be dubbed into Romanianwhich has never been done before and will probably remind nostalgic fans of VHS tapes from the past.

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The “Destinies” series that Kanal D hopes to hit again

The action of the series takes place in a psychological office in Istanbul, a place where many people try to understand themselves and others, which is essential in human relationships. The characters’ misunderstandings, pains and secrets will be the elements that will keep viewers in front of the small screens, especially since many of them are inspired by real events.

In terms of the film’s cast, there are actors like Binnur Kaya as Malonya, who is the head therapist. The character has a confident and strong character and is a highly respected person in the professional and social community.

Turkish series Destinies on Kanal D Romania
The series “Destinies” broadcast on Kanal D has in its cast well-known actors who have also starred in other Turkish films

Having the mission to listen and heal her patients, when Malonya decides to leave the practice, her life changes, becoming a different person with traumas and secrets. The cast of the series also includes the names of other well-known actors from previous series such as Evrim Alasya and Salih Bademci from “Bride of Istanbul”, Celil Nalcakan from “Everything for My Family”, and Erkan Petekkaya from “Storm on the Bosphorus” and “Betrayal”.

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Kanal D’s newest series is expected to get other Romanians to “opt out” of Netflix, especially since the stories in the film are very similar to people’s everyday lives in general. The movie series is mainly aimed at women, being their stories in certain situations.

Dr Manolya is the lead role in the film Destinies. In Romanian, the character in the serial is dubbed by actress Eugenia Șerban.

According to Paginademedia “Destainuri” is the first Turkish series dubbed into Romanian to be broadcast on Kanal D.

Below we present the list of Romanian actors and the roles they dubbed in Destăinuri:

Ionuț Achivoaie (Mehmet), Irina Ichim (Dr. Piraye), Bogdan Ciubuciu (Dr. Deniz), Gabriela Baciu (Meliha), Ioana Lados (Nesrin), Adina Stan (Tuna).

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