REVIEW Inside Man – Netflix’s best scripted miniseries in years

Inside Man is perhaps the best way to spend your weekend without feeling like you wasted your time for nothing.

So if you haven’t seen Inside Man yet, I highly recommend you do. Otherwise, you have a real chance of missing out on one of the best miniseries on Netflix.

Inside Man, the miniseries where the script moves at the speed of light

Without giving away too many spoilers, I’ll tell you that Inside Man has one of the best screenplays for a movie or movie series in years. Basically, you’d better remember to pause it if your phone rings for even a minute, because after that you risk not understanding anything and it’s downright unfortunate.

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Before I tell you some more “without telling you anything”, I’ll start with the cast, which is obviously important in context: Stanley Tucci (who needs no introduction), David Tennant (who also needs no introduction but I’ll mention, though, that you’ve seen him before in Doctor Who) and Dolly Wells, in a role for which she should get at least an Emmy award.

Inside Man starts from a most interesting premise: anyone can turn into a murderer, if they’re having a bad day, and if they also have reasons for it. As inonest as we like to think we are, according to the writers, there’s a killer inside all of us, just waiting to surface under the right conditions.

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Somehow, this limited series film makes you think more about yourself and the man who lives in your soul, away from the prying eyes of others. In other words, who are you when the spotlight is not on you?

Although we’re talking about a BBC production, Inside Man can also be seen on Netflix.

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