TeraWulf opens its Bitcoin mine powered by a nuclear plant

Susquehanna Nuclear Power Plant

Susquehanna nuclear power plant – Credit: Wikimedia Commons – Jakec

The American miner TeraWulf started to extract from bitcoins since Nautilus Cryptomineits infrastructure connected to the nuclear power plant of Susquehanna.

Earlier this week, TeraWulf announced that it had connected 8000 ASICs in its digital parts extraction facility Nautilus Cryptomine created in partnership with Talen Energy Corporation via the joint venture Cumulus Coin.

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Nautilus Cryptomine is connected to the Susquehanna nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania. According to TeraWulf, it is the first mine of bitcoins ” behind the counter and powered 100% by nuclear energy ” in the United States.

The publicly traded miner said it plans to to plug in another 8,000 or so ASICs over the next few weeks, bringing the total number of machines hosted in the infrastructure to 16 000 for an estimated extraction capacity of 1.9 EH/s.

The Nautilus nuclear-powered mining facility benefits from what is arguably the lowest cost energy in the industry, at only $0.02/kWh for a five-year term. We look forward to continuing to work alongside Cumulus Coin as the Nautilus facility ramps up the operational hash rate in the coming weeks,” commented Paul Prager, CEO of TeraWulf.

Concurrently, TeraWulf also specifies expanding its operations into New York State.

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