The only Romanian game that gets you out of the house: what is UNCHAIN and how it became part of the skateboarding community in Herastrau Park

UNCHAIN is a game with a difference. It’s a game that gets you out of the house, being a mobile game with a dystopian story.

So, in just 40 days, over a thousand linksters joined the UNCHAIN Movement. The special event dedicated to press and bloggers in Herastrau Park, at Baraka terrace was organised by the National Association for Soft Drinks. Participants included Mara Mares, State Counsellor at the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, Alice Nichita, President of ANBR, Bogdan Nițu, General Manager WEBSTYLER and writer Marian Coman, author of the game story.

To better understand how it works, Maia, the virtual assistant of the UNCHAIN Movement, kicked off a live demonstration of the game with a spectacular show with scooters, rollerblades, skateboards and bikes. UNCHAIN, the game that gets you out of the house, is a first for Romania and is developed by the WEBSTYLER agency. UNCHAIN is 100% Romanian and 100% free.

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What exactly is UNCHAIN

For reference, UNCHAIN is a mobile game with a dystopian story. To experience the game, each user must solve certain individual or group missions. To solve a mission, users must move using the UNCHAIN app: running, biking, rollerblading, scootering, skateboarding or walking. The game also contains trivia elements such as general knowledge pills and useful information about balanced lifestyle, movement and sport.

“UNCHAIN aims to transform sedentary life into an active one and, having watched a demonstration of how it works, I think it succeeds. The national campaign to promote a balanced lifestyle run by the ANBR, which has resulted in UNCHAIN, is a good example of a private initiative contributing to the achievement of government public policy objectives to increase the attractiveness and take-up of grassroots sport. I congratulate the initiators for the time and energy invested in this project”, said Mara Mareș, State Counsellor at the Prime Minister’s Office.

Alice Nichita, President of ANBR said that since its foundation, ANBR has promoted the importance of a balanced lifestyle. “That is why the members of the association have made a long-term commitment in this direction, stepping up their efforts to reformulate existing products, but also by investing in innovation, with the aim of bringing calorie-free or low-calorie products to the market. Thus, we want to support this objective with a national campaign to address the need for balanced lifestyle education in 2 main areas: education for a balanced lifestyle and promotion of movement among young people,” she added.

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