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The bad news for Dacia fans comes from France: what’s going on with the prices


Dacia continues to increase its price range due to rising prices for raw materials, components, transport and in the midst of a semiconductor crisis.

In France, the company announced the new prices from March 1, with an increase of several hundred euros.

Dacia is no longer the “5,000 euro car”, but becomes the 10,000 euro car, in the current global economic and pandemic context. The Sandero model was launched two years ago with prices below the threshold of 10,000 euros, with different levels, depending on the market of the brand, but now it has reached this threshold, the manufacturer being pressured by rising production costs .

On the French market, the company announced the prices valid from March 1, which will be, according to the French press, higher by at least 300 euros, depending on the equipment. The cheapest Sandero will cost 10,490 euros, after the price valid in February was 9,990 euros. There are an additional 500 euros that customers will have to pay for the entry-level version, Essentiel, which will cost, with the dual engine, petrol-LPG, 12,490 euros, which previously cost 12,190 euros. The most expensive Sandero will cost 13,990 euros next month.

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A new stage for Dacia

The Sandero Stepway model, which is produced in Romania, also increases by 300 euros, to a level of 13,990 euros for the entry version, TCe90, Essential.

Dacia had previously made Dacia Spring more expensive, with a few hundred euros, in Europe, and up to 1000 euros, on the Romanian market.

Dacia Sandero currently costs 9,650 euros on the Romanian market, a level higher than the promotion of 9,050 euros offered by Dacia, and much higher than the launch price of 8,600 euros in 2020.

Sandero Stepway also costs 13,250 euros, 800 euros more than the launch price of 12,050 euros. Dacia has not yet posted new prices for this spring, but it is possible that we will see price increases in the next period.

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