Dacia, unprecedented change: only now is it completely reinvented, what follows for the Mioveni manufacturer

Since 2021, there has been talk about reinventing Dacia, adopting a new brand identity and transposing it into all the cars of the Mioveni manufacturer, even in the company’s representative offices.

In the middle of last year, the first images related to the Dacia rebranding started circulating on the Internet. Immediately afterwards, all promotional materials, press releases and documentation adopted a new visual identity. In 2022, we will see the same visual identity in the Dacia representations, but also on the actual cars. As a reference, the new logo should arrive on cars starting in the fourth quarter of this year.

The same Dacia, but otherwise, more futuristic, more digital

“Since last year, since the launch of Duster facelift, we have also announced the change of brand identity. It is implemented in three steps that involve changing the color to khaki green and the logo. We started the process of changing the image in the summer of 2022 with the digital part and «visuals». From the beginning of this year we move to the second stage, that of renewing the image in dealerships and showrooms, and towards the end of the year we will implement the new logo and the new brand identity on the entire range of cars “, explained Andreea Guinea, during the conference from Paris this week, quoted by Economica.

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The first showroom that has already adopted the new visual identity was unveiled in the Paris region, where the above frames were also immortalized in Melun. The implementation of these aesthetic details in the other Dacia representations will continue in the spring of this year in different corners of Europe. It is important to note that the peculiarities related to the reinvention of the interior of representations are still in the defining stage.

The facade of the showroom is framed by a wide khaki stripe. This reflects the robustness, simplicity and outdoor spirit of the brand. The marking also highlights the Dacia logo, made of bright letters, whose color – khaki during the day, turns white at night. A large totem makes it easy to identify the brand. A second proximity totem, located next to the front door, provides customers with practical information. The two totems highlight the Dacia emblem. They are made of two materials: the khaki element is made of metal, while the support, with a wood-like appearance, evokes the outdoor spirit. The design is deliberately massive and imposing, according to Autoblog.md.

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