That wasn’t the only thing Elon Musk was selling: the weirdest accessory for Tesla to cost

A controversial new product launched by the American giant.

Tesla launched its latest distraction product last week: a set of karaoke microphones called TeslaMic for use in its vehicles, and it works with car software. The accessory, which is currently only available in China, has been released along with a Chinese New Year software update, which includes an accompanying karaoke application called Leishi KTV.

TeslaMic was available in the Tesla online store in China for $ 188.48. I say “it was” because it seems to have run out in an hour, and the list is no longer loading.

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“Caraoke” was Tesla’s original in-car karaoke software, released in other regions in 2019, which can still be used while driving. It is similar to certain Tesla Arcade games, such as Solitaire, until it was disabled after being controlled by the federal government.

Tesla invests in everything

Tesla is trying to capitalize on its brand status by producing a lot of weird products, from $ 250 Tesla Tequila to products like shorts.

Last week, Tesla announced that no new vehicle models will be produced this year, including Cybertruck, which has been postponed in favor of accelerating production of its current models. Elon Musk recently said that the company will accept cryptocurrencies in exchange for products, including Cybertruck-shaped whistles, a belt buckle that promotes the Texas giant factory and Cybertruck’s popular companion: the Cyberquad ATV – but for children.

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Tesla has also designed an 18 watt Qi battery with a capacity of 10,000 mAh, which fits the 3 / Y charging cradle and replaces the older, slower charging and even lower capacity models.

The company has also launched a new fitted pet seat for the rear seats.

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