JJ Abrams has set his sights on a new book written by Stephen King: Everything We Know About the Upcoming Production

Reputable director JJ Abrams has announced that he is planning a new limited series. It will be adapted from the book “Billy Sumners” by Stephen King.

“Billy Sumners” will be the fourth adaptation of JJ Abrams when it comes to Stephen King’s novels.

The director is to produce the next limited edition adaptation of Steven King’s book, Billy Summers. He has created, over time, several successful television series such as “Felicity”, “Alias”, “Fringe” or “Lost”, also winning an Emmy Award.

JJ Abams, a very active director

In parallel, he has two other projects planned: “Demimonde” and “Duster”, from HBO. JJ Abrams has also been the executive producer of many shows under the auspices of Bad Robot, a company he founded in 2001. Abrams and Bad Robot are also responsible for the HBO series “Westworld” or “Lovecraft Country.” as well as adaptations of Stephen King’s books, “11.22.63”, “Castle Rock” and “The Story of Lisey”.

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Billy Summers, King’s latest novel, was published and released in 2021. The book peaked at the best-selling fiction novels, according to The New York Times, and received mostly reviews. positive.

Although King has stood out in pop culture in general for his horror novels (examples: “IT” and “The Shining”), “Billy Summers” explores other worlds. The story focuses on a murderer, a former sniper who, wanting to retire from his job as an assassin, takes his last job. He has to live for a while in a quiet town and pretend to be a writer.

Obviously, everything gets complicated when the world becomes suspicious about its true intentions. If you haven’t read the book, maybe we should stop here with the “spoilers”.

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It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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