Romanian electric car made in Cluj, the first appearance on the streets with Prime Minister Ciuca at the wheel

Fabulous images with the new electric car “made in Cluj”, a concept car made by a group of financiers, who invested almost half a million euros in this project. The “baptism” of the car was done by the Prime Minister of Romania, Nicolae Ciuca, in Cluj-Napoca. The head of government gave a tour with E-car Concept, the car of the future.

A new 100% Romanian electric car has appeared

The new “made in Cluj” electric car looks futuristic. It is a concept car started by some young people with a lot of enthusiasm. The car has a carbon fiber body, and, according to the latest tests, a range of 350 km on a load. It can also reach a top speed of over 140 km / h. It does not have a name yet, for the new concept car several variants have been circulated, but none has been chosen yet.

“We went from Rosso to Nervura, we were even thinking about a variety of dissemination on social media, to see which name would be best suited, to make a kind of vote or a contest. We will see “, said Voicu Oprean, CEO of AROBS, one of the initiators and financiers of the project, for Cluj24.

electric car Cluj
Photo: Cluj24

Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca tested the E-car Concept

This morning, the Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă himself visited, during a trip to Cluj, the AROBS stand – Newcar4future, the new concept of electric car. The Prime Minister of Romania tested the car of the future in the Grand Hotel Italia area, but not on public roads, because the supercar does not yet have the RAR approval to drive there.

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The innovative project involves engines placed in the two rear wheels, being an experiment, and the batteries are produced by a partner of Rombat. The 100% Romanian electric car is waiting for RAR approval for approval, and the interior will be completed.

This concept is gaining ground in Romania and in the world

After the car ride of the future, Nicolae Ciucă was very impressed, having words of praise for this concept.

“Today, in Cluj-Napoca, I saw a car of the future, the E-car Concept. This prototype electric car is the result of the ingenuity, talent, innovative spirit and high level research of the Newcar4future team and the specialists from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

Supporting the accelerated development of clean transportation technology and environmental protection projects is a priority for the Government I lead and is one of the responsibilities of the next generation.

We need to continue projects that encourage the purchase of electric cars, including through government programs, and the fact that they are gaining ground year after year is a good sign.

Using the funds from the National Development and Resilience Plan for clean energy, energy efficiency, pollution-free transportation and a cleaner environment is the chance for Romania’s future to be green! ”Ciuca wrote on Facebook.

It should be noted that this is not the first attempt at a 100% Romanian electric car. Playtech also wrote about Cryptodata. It is a modular car, developed from the beginning on components. Find out more HERE.

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