Supreme’s take on Tamagotchi is here –

We’ve all owned a Tamagotchi, and like the mass graves of Nintendogs, there are landfills of deceased digital pets now that gaming has long since moved beyond small LCD screens with basic pixel animations. But this hasn’t changed the fact that the clothing brand Supreme has teamed up with Bandai Namco to put its own spin on Tamagotchi.

Available in one of three colors (yellow, black and pink), the small device has an LCD screen and is built around a custom Supreme logo shell. While we don’t have any of these in our hands to tell you how they work in practice, we do know that they are sold around the world for the rather steep price of £44 / €50 / $48, making them a rather pricey accessory indeed.

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Are you going to pick one up and raise another digital pet?

Supreme's take on Tamagotchi is here

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