Praga’s street-legal hypercar is now in production –

It’s not often that we get a new contender in the hypercar space, but that’s exactly what Praga aims to deliver with its upcoming Bohema. This 700-hp, all-carbon aero-powered two-seater is finally going into production after a year in a prototype phase, and is looking forward to a real public unveiling in the spring.
The Bohema will be hand-built in low numbers over the next four years, and as Praga mentions in their latest blog post, the car could become the last all-new gasoline-powered hypercar.
When it makes its full debut, Bohema plans to be sold for €1.36 million, with the first car sold in the first half of 2024. There will be test drives for the car starting in the spring to help potential buyers make a decision about the vehicle.

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The Bohema is said to have a top speed of more than 300 km/h, as well as 0-100 km/h acceleration of less than 3.5 seconds.


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