, the esports news portal, closes its newsroom

The news portal about the esports sector., will close its publishing operations on January 16.Slava Britvin,’s project manager, has announced on social media.’s parent company, EX CORP, confirmed that it has decided to “freeze” the project in a statement. is an esports media outlet that provides breaking news, interviews and features on a wide variety of esports titles. In a statement, EX CORP said they had achieved great results, but that it was not a sustainable business in the current market conditions.

We started as an internal startup at EX CORP. Although the team achieved great results both in terms of audience and quality of content produced, it has become clear that it is extremely difficult to run media as a sustainable business during the winter of esports and expect any return on investment in the near future. That is why we have decided to freeze the project, although we do not exclude the possibility of launching some other project related to content creation in the future.

Timofey Sobolevsky, COO of EX CORP

It is with great regret that I have to say that the project will basically close down publishing operations. There are many factors that have led to such an end, but also the esports winter has hit us.

Slava Britvin, Project Manager of received about 245,000 visits per month. in December 2023, and on its website, the medium features seven managers and 42 editors. The media echoes many transfers and player movements professional esports players, it also has match coverage and tournament statistics integrated into its website.

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The closure comes at a difficult period for esports news publications, due to the sector’s market correction, known as the “eSports winter,” and more general difficulties, such as successfully monetizing online news media.

Numerous esports news outlets have closed or suffered widespread layoffs in recent years, including. Launcher, Upcomer, Inven Global, ShiftRLE and others from the Washington Post.

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