Super pigs invade US –

A breed of so-called super pigs is invading the US. Combining the survival skills of the Eurasian boar with the size and fertility of domestic pigs in Canada, these pigs are described as a ‘ ecological train wreck’.

They are said to be devastating to both wildlife and plants as they rip toward the U.S. border. The question is not whether they will cross that border, but when, according to experts, and the only thing yet to be decided is how the authorities will deal with them.

According to Professor Ryan Brook (via Sky News), hunting the pigs only has a success rate of about 2-3%, and even if the authorities managed to eradicate 65% of the population, it wouldn’t make enough of a dent, since the pigs reproduce so quickly.

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“The only way forward is to be really aggressive and use every tool in the toolbox.” said Professor Brooks.

Super pigs invade U.S.

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