What can Samsung's new robot Ballie do?

You couldn't mistake Balli for just a Star Wars droid. The comparison to Pacman can also be drawn. (Image source: YouTube/Samsung Newsroom)

Do you remember CES 2020? That's when Samsung first introduced Ballie. A small, rolling robot that was very reminiscent of a BB unit from the new Star Wars trilogy. However, the concept never really reached market maturity, which is why Ballie became quiet again shortly after the electronics trade fair.

Now Samsung is reviving it again. As part of this year's CES, the South Korean company presented an overhauled version of the cute life companion. And he even goes by the name Ballie again. However, compared to its predecessor, it can do a lot more.

What can the new Ballie do?

The most noticeable difference to the original Ballie is probably the integrated Full HD projector. This allows it to project content onto any surface. For example, it could be used as a second monitor in the home office. Even more: Balli should be able to recognize the position and angle of a face in order to determine and implement the ideal projection angle all by itself.

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Ballie is about the size of a bowling ball and is controlled via voice commands or text messages.

For example, he can be instructed to feed a beloved pet while on the go. Ballie doesn't have any hands, but he can connect to and control all sorts of smart devices such as light switches, televisions and even an electronic feeding bowl. At least that's what a video from Samsung shows:

Samsung introduces a cute robot that could easily come from Star Wars

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Samsung introduces a cute robot that could easily come from Star Wars

Ballie should also be able to control non-smart devices such as older TVs or air conditioning systems via a built-in infrared transmitter (via Techcrunch). It also intelligently determines where in the apartment or house smart devices could be located that could be controlled.

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In addition, Ballie can do everything a digital assistant needs to be able to do. For example, it reminds people to water plants or take medication. The latter is intended to be particularly useful for older household members.

Will Balli really exist?

Whether Ballie will actually exist is anyone's guess. As already mentioned at the beginning, the 2020 version did not make it to market – a bad omen?

What do you all mean? Will Ballie be available to buy soon or will it remain a concept? And if it exists, would you treat yourself to the cute companion? Feel free to write it to us in the comments!

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