Nvidia may have leaked that Counter-Strike’s switch to Source 2 is coming soon

The mythical shooter by Valve could get a major update more than 10 years after its release…

Last March 1, with the start of the month, a new Nvidia hardware driver update was released, and with it a control panel software update. Reddit user u/DAOWAce discovered that the update added a new profile for “Counter-Strike 2”, which they initially thought was a third-party title, like the free Counter-Strike Nexon, but it appears to be a reference to the mythical Steam game.

Counter-Strike fans have been waiting for a version of the game on Valve’s Source 2 engine for a while nowand rumors are circulating that it could be coming any day now. It wouldn’t make sense for this to appear on Nvida if Valve isn’t already preparing for it. In fact, Valve recently launched an official @CSGO TikTok account, which could be related to an upcoming announcement and release.

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This is not the first time Nvidia has leaked information about an upcoming game. In 2021, the manufacturer’s streaming service, GeForce Nowexperienced a massive database leak and revealed a list of unannounced titles that later turned out to be real.

The alleged leak gains credibility since. There’s a lot going on around CS:GO and Steam.. In February, it was announced that they had banned over 40,000 accounts on Dota 2 in one fell swoop. Meanwhile, CS:GO continues to break records years and years after its launch and we could say that right now it is at its peak. On February 19 it achieved its record number of simultaneous players on Steam with 1.3 million players and at the esports level it continues to give more than happiness and to enjoy very good health, both in terms of championships and spectators.

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