Red Bull Click, “Live-Action” videogame

Red Bull Click brings to real life a videogame created by an exceptional team that has blended the universe of gaming with that of cinema, in a completely innovative format, a “live-action video game”. This past April 20 the result could be seen in the channel of Twitch streamer TheGrefg.

During about two hours almost half a million unique viewers were able to handle him at will live, right up to confronting the final villain, portrayed by the internationally recognized horror actor Javier Botet. And as in the great videogames, the experience was complemented with some carefully crafted cinematics that immersed the whole community in the story of “The Collector”.

Behind the cameras was the direction of Daniel Monzónwinner of 3 Goya Awardswhich also participated in the script with Marc Caballero. Several experts in video game development and interactive programming from Twitch were also involved in the creation and execution of the video game.

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The story behind Red Bull Click is that of a obsessed crazy collector with TheGrefg. Equipped with a paralyzing ray of his own invention, The Collector (Botet) has dedicated himself to travel the multiverse in search of the original TheGrefg, the one who always wins. In his mansion he accumulates, yes, all the TheGrefg he has found along the way, as if it were a wax museum. To capture the original, the villain devises a flawless plan: to create a game based on 3 tests (skill, charisma and ingenuity), and thus attract the most competitive TheGrefg. All this, in fact, with the aim of making it the most prized piece of the collection. But things will not turn out as expected.

It has been a project totally at the forefront of what we are used to seeing. The live show with the highest audiovisual quality and entertainment of my career.


As a filmmaker, doing something live was something that really appealed to me. A giant sequence shot where everything had to be super measured. In the end, getting out of your comfort zone is something that always enriches.
I’ve had a lot of fun with Red Bull Click and, above all, I’ve learned a lot about this world. From now on I will connect to Twitch more often.

Daniel Monzon

For those who didn’t have the opportunity to play live, the full experience will be available soon on the Youtube channel of TheGrefg and, in these days, we will be able to see a summary of it, as well as the making of this action videogame in the channel of Youtube channel of Red Bull in English.

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