Netflix steps up and collaborates with the Japanese: what classic anime you’ll soon be able to watch

Netflix has secured streaming rights, albeit non-exclusive, to a handful of classic anime.

Variety reports that Netflix recently signed a deal with Nippon TV to bring viewers around the world classic anime like Berserk, Claymore, Death Note, Parayste: The Maxim, as well as nine other films and series in this category.

Of this calup, Netflix plans to stream Hunter X Hunter first.

Anime fans have every reason to rejoice: Netflix will “become home” to many major titles

Starting September 2, Yoshihiro Togashi’s adaptation of the classic manga series will be available in 104 countries.

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Several titles, including Death Note and Hunter X Hunter, have been staples of the Netflix anime catalog in North America, and have been for years. In fact, the former is so popular on the Netflix platform that it gave the Duffer brothers the green light to produce another live-action adaptation of the series. Other worthy titles include Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting!, Monster and Nana, among many others.

The deal will also give anime fans the chance to watch some of these series on a platform other than Crunchyroll.

Since Sony acquired the streaming service for $1.2 billion in 2020 it has been migrating Funimation’s catalog. Crunchyroll has been, for better or worse, the dominant player in the market, but now it looks like Netflix wants to take over the reins.

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Incidentally, Netflix’s move is a smart one, since diversifying its content will undoubtedly help attract the new subscribers that the streaming giant seems to badly need, especially given the recent losses it has suffered.

Despite still remaining the most popular streaming service, Netflix has lost many subscribers this year. It remains to be seen whether it will get them back.

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