Lisa Kudrow, about a new series Your Friends, with other actors: what does Phoebe think

Actress Lisa Kudrow brought the character Phoebe Buffay to life for about ten years, while she ran the acclaimed comedy series, “Friends,” on the small screens.

She quickly became one of the audience’s favorite characters because of the eccentric way she played the role. In other words, along with Joey, Phoebe represented the “salt and pepper” of this comedy that has been running in our country for years.

What would Lisa Kudrow think about a possible reboot of the series “Friends”

Although there has never been a stated intention on the part of any producer to revive “Your Friends”, Lisa Kudrow was asked what she would think if this became a reality in the context of a new distribution. , of course.

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“I would like. I’d love to see what the new version of the show would look like, “Lisa Kudrow told The Buzz.

Obviously, as I mentioned earlier, this is not in the plan at the moment, but it is possible that the idea will materialize following the statement of the actress.

Why a new series “Your Friends” wouldn’t be such a good idea

When we talk about movies and series that have gained, over time, the status of “cult”, a revival of an important title, but with other actors, it’s a pretty sensitive issue, compared to fans.

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Both producers and screenwriters should make sure that the story, the jokes, but also the performance of the new actors, exceed the expectations of the general public. To be completely honest, matching the actors who initially metamorphosed into Monica, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey and Rachel is almost impossible.

In addition, social values ​​have changed considerably in the last 20-30 years, so many of the jokes that were once accepted have no place in 2022.

Of course, a sequel, with the same actors, could work, but in this case there is no official discussion.

We remind you that at the end of 2021, fans around the world of “Your Friends” enjoyed a reunion that made them both laugh and cry. Production is currently available on HBO Go.

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