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James Gunn spoke on Twitter about his role in competing DC and Marvel franchises


Director James Gunn gave details about his involvement in Marvel and DC movies and series. Gunn is the screenwriter and director of the Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy series and the DC series The Suicide Squad. Moreover, he was also involved in the successful spin-off, “Peacemaker”.

He is currently filming the third edition of the GOTG franchise, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3”, but also “Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special”, which will most likely debut this year. An exact release date has not yet been announced.

Perhaps it should be noted that James Gunn “gave birth” to the production of “Peacemaker” at the same time as he worked on “The Suicide Squad”, which kind of disturbed the waters in both camps, as expected, by the way.

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James Gunn, about collaborating with Marvel and DC

Recently, Gunn was asked on Twitter about his collaboration with Marvel and DC, and especially about how the director can work with the two companies that are apparently competing. Specifically, James Gunn responded to a tweet, saying that “people overestimate DC’s interaction with Marvel” when it comes to the subject, suggesting that it would not be unusual for them to get involved in the franchises of both giants.

If you’re curious about the exchange of remarks on Twitter, and especially how director and screenwriter James Gunn responded to the challenges, here’s the post that made a splash on the internet:

So we can only rejoice that in a world where war is becoming more and more present, at least the film industry is taking a break from this subject.

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