Apple has released the first trailer for the documentary “They Call Me Magic”: when we can see it

A new documentary, the Apple brand, will be available soon. “The Call Me Magic” explores the life and career of the great athlete, Earvin “Magic” Johnson.

In this regard, Apple has released the first trailer for its new documentary, “They Call Me Magic”, which will be structured in four parts and will deal with the life and career of former LA Lakers superstar Earvin “Magic” Johnson.

Ready to debut on April 22, exclusively on Apple TV, the documentary in question seems to have a lot in common, at first glance, at least with “The Last Dance” on Netflix, released in 2020, which deals with basically the same niche.

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Why is “They Call Me Magic” similar to “The Last Dance” on Netflix

Those who have already seen the trailer for “They Call Me Magic” have speculated that there are many similarities between the new documentary, from Apple, and the Netflix version, “The Last Dance”. For example, both include interviews with Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, former President Barack Obama or even Johnson.

However, looking at the latest trailer for “They Call Me Magic”, fans of the athlete should expect the new documentary to be a bit more “full”, because, in addition to the elements we find in “The Last Dance”, being other topics such as Earvin “Magic” Johnson’s family life, his career at the LA Lakers, but also the many actions he took in honor of activism.

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The American basketball athlete worked for the aforementioned team between 1979 and 1996, winning many awards during those years. Along with Larry Bird, Johnson was, in the 1980s, one of the best professional basketball players in the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the United States.

The official trailer for “They Call Me Magic” can be viewed below:

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