It happens at the pump, and gasoline could drop below 6 lei: what is the life-saving solution for drivers

In the context of uncontrolled fuel prices, the authorities are considering several projects to lower the price of a petrol and diesel pump. Not only that, but the growth of recent months has already begun to have an impact on a significant variety of areas.

For the first time in the few months since fuel prices began to rise steadily at the pump, there were no very clear plans from the authorities to get the blast. This time, USR officials submitted a bill to the Parliament to reduce the VAT rate applicable to fuels. If it becomes law, and the VAT for petrol and diesel will decrease from 19% to 5%, there are great chances that the prices at the pump will fall below 6 lei from over 7 lei at present.

How can the price of gasoline go down?

“Together with my colleagues Claudiu Nasui and Denisa Neagu, I submitted a bill to reduce the VAT from 19% to 5% for gasoline, diesel and LPG. If the current majority would adopt this bill, then the fuel prices would fall to the level of last year “, wrote the USR deputy Cristina Prună on Facebook.

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The price of fuel has repercussions in many areas, and the value of many foods has already been affected on the supermarket shelves by the situation at the pump. In this context, the initiative is commendable and has a good chance of materializing.

“The explosion of fuel prices affects the entire economy and the purchasing power of all Romanians. The price of fuel is reflected in the price of all products, but people’s incomes do not keep up with these increases.

The price of fuels has exploded since January 2022 and we ended up paying even over 7 lei / liter at the pump. This increase is seen in the price of products in the supermarket. From the price of fuel, the state takes half through excise duties and VAT. The main beneficiary of these increases remains the state. We must stop this continuous impoverishment of Romanians through inflation. Bills have risen, and inflation is eating away at savings. This worrying trend can be stopped if the state leaves more money in people’s pockets.

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USR requests the current governing coalition PSD-PNL-UDMR to adopt the bill as soon as possible because Romanians already feel in their pockets the chain effects of the increase in fuel prices “, concluded the USR deputy.

In practice, if the VAT for fuel will decrease from 19 to 5%, we should see a reduction of about 80 bani per liter, up to a national average of 5.94 lei.

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