Chrome desktop version will have the Follow option to subscribe via RSS to your favorite sites

Available since last year in Chrome for Android, the Follow option, which allows users to subscribe to the content of their favorite sites without installing a dedicated RSS client, will also be available on PC.

The new functionality only mimics the Follow option already available on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, allowing users to subscribe to the content of the pages / sites they are interested in.

Furthermore, newly published articles from the sites you have subscribed to will appear grouped in a dedicated content section, similar to the Discover tab. Their links will open in separate tabs.

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The new content section can be populated immediately by simply subscribing to RSS feeds on sites that support this feature. The good news is that subscribing to RSS content cannot be initiated directly by the sites you visit, nor is it forced by displaying messages urging you to subscribe to RSS feeds. Instead, readers should intentionally access the app menu, with the RSS subscription option appearing at the bottom of the list.

Support for RSS feeds may become official in one of the following versions of Chrome for PC. In the meantime, the functionality can be tested on Android, the Follow button appearing when the address bar is activated.

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