Hundreds of thousands of drivers remain without RCA overnight: when your compulsory car insurance expires, in fact

It all starts with the bankruptcy of City Insurance. Romanian drivers who insured their car with the largest insurer in the Mioritic lands will be left without insurance overnight. It doesn’t matter if they have another expiration date written on the sheet.

If you are not careful, you risk a very expensive fine, because you drive without RCA, even if, on paper, your compulsory insurance is still valid. There are hundreds of thousands of Romanians in this situation, and the date you have to pay attention to is May 10, in just a few days.

Why you are left without insurance, what is the solution

In September 2021, when it lost its license and began bankruptcy proceedings, City Insurance had over 3 million MTPL policyholders. In the meantime, most of them have expired. However, about 500,000 policies are still in force, but only for a few days.

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Under current law, the remaining insurance will be automatically terminated by the liquidator on May 10, 2022. This means that those who choose to continue driving with an RCA issued by City Insurance after May 10 will do so completely illegally. Moreover, if you are not insured with City Insurance but you are involved in an accident with such a person, you will go through lawsuits trying to recover the cost of repairs.

The good news is that if you want to recoup some of your RCA spending with City Insurance, you have this option. For example, if your compulsory insurance has expired in September 2022, for the difference from May to September, you can request a refund of one-third of the premium paid at the time the insurance is taken out. The full mechanism behind that operation, along with the forms you need to fill out, can be found at this address.

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Finally, if you have RCA insurance with City Insurance, regardless of the date on it, it will expire on May 10th. Since May 11, you are uninsured.

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