Gym goers debate whether it’s okay to film each other -.

If you frequent the gym or workout space at TikTok, you may have noticed a growing trend of gym-goers trying to catch other people doing what they think is inappropriate behavior. This started neatly enough, as it was mostly a way for women to point out creepy guys in their local gyms.

For some, however, this has gone too far, and this all seemed to boil over when a user filmed a man she believed was trying to impress her. However, fitness influencer Joey Swoll responded to the video and called the woman out for what he believed was an attempt to ridicule the man in the video.

In a Twitter message, he has some harsh words and says that people are “should stop taking videos of people in the gym to post on social media to make fun of them. Gyms need to change their policies and kick people out for doing this.”

It’s certainly a strong position to take, and Mr. Swoll wasn’t done with that, as he also called out the woman in particular and her gym. “I hope you learn to respect people and leave others alone. You have to do better. Mind your own business.”

The backlash caused the woman who filmed the first video to delete her TikTok account, but it seems Joey Swoll still wants gyms to take this issue more seriously, believing that no one should film another person in the gym unless they are a personal trainer or their training partner.

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Gym goers debate whether it's okay to film each other

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