Esports Bureau organizes the debate “The importance of cities in the esports ecosystem”.

The face-to-face events have always been one of the strong points of esports despite being an eminently digital sector. The return of the pandemic has proven it and for some time now, it is no longer a simple assumption or idea, it is a fact contrasted with data.

In recent years, after each major event that hosted tens of thousands of gaming and esports fans in person, we have had the opportunity to collect the figures that such events have left to the cities in the form of revenue.. Recent cases such as the LCS Spring Split finals in Raleigh that have left $1.6M to the city’s coffers, the case just a few days ago of Dreamhack in San Diego with a collection of $4.7M… Or not so long ago, at the end of 2022, that DreamHack Valencia that left in the Valencian capital more than 20 million euros according to official figures.

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There is no doubt that, with these numbers, esports have not only become a tourist attraction. They are in a way A way to generate income for themselves. and the face-to-face events show the way forward and that esports are profitable if they are run in the right way and if they know how to exploit their virtues.

For all this, from Esports Bureau, next May 10th will take place a RUSH special in format round table for To discuss the importance of cities in the esports ecosystem.. It will be at 17:00, open on Esports Bureau’s LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitch channels.

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In this debate, from approximately one hour in lengthwill be attended by representatives of several cities that are already betting on esports: in particular there will be representatives of initiatives from Madrid, Valencia, Malaga and with representatives of the gamer scene itself.

You just have to be attentive to the different channels and networks of Esports Bureau and to the reminders that we will be doing during this week as the broadcast will be completely open and without registration.

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