ESL Masters Spain presents its thirteenth CS:GO season

ESL Spain is once again betting on VALVE’s shooter, which is currently experiencing its best moment in terms of number of players in its long history, thus continuing to boost the growth of the Iberian clubs during 2023.

SAW, CASE, Movistar Riders and FTW, the top four finishers from last season, will have direct invitation to the competition in addition to a priority seeding in the regular phase.

Once again, ESL Masters brings with it access places to the competition through open qualifiers that will allow new teams to be part of this edition. ESL Spain, as every year, is committed to the Iberian community, making their slogan a reality. “From Zero to Hero”.

To be made available to the CSGO community. two open qualifiers, where the top two teams from each qualifier, will face GTZ Esports, Kazu Store Boys, Fourteen Esports and FALKE, in a closed qualification phase.

The closed qualifier phase will be played to a single best of three maps match that will give a direct place to the thirteenth season of ESL Masters CS:GO Spain, thus completing the list of the 8 participants that will be part of the main event.

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The dates of the qualifiers will be as follows:

  • Open Qualifier #1: Saturday/Sunday 4/5 March – 17:00 CET
  • Open Qualifier #2: Thursday/Friday 9/10 March – 17:00 CET
  • Classification Phase closed: Saturday/Sunday 11/12 March – 17:00/20:00 CET

ESL Masters CS:GO Season 13 will kick off next March 27th with a best-of-3 GSL format, similar to that of the past seasons, allowing all participating teams to adapt to the rest of the Iberian and international CS:GO competitions.

Matchdays will be played on Mondays and Thursdays at 19:00 CET. until May 4, when the regular phase will end to give way to the semifinals, which will take place during the month of May.

The date and location of the Grand Final will be announced shortly.

As in the past editions, and keeping its commitment to boost the Iberian scene to international competitions, ESL Masters will connect its National Championship with one of the highest international level tournaments, the ESL Pro League S18. With the new connection format, the winning teams of each National Championship will face each other in a closed qualifier, in order to fight for one of the direct places to the best international league of the ESL Pro Tour circuit.

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The format and dates of this qualifier will be announced soon.

The entire competition will be available to follow on its CSGO Twitch channel, where once again the production team from Watch TV! will be in charge of all the production and realization, providing the competition with the best audiovisual quality as well as improvements that they have prepared for this season.

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