Bing’s AI chatbot is already going crazy –

ChatGPT has proven to be something of a revolution on the Internet in late 2022 and early 2023. Microsoft recently unveiled its new AI Bing chatbot, which uses ChatGPT technology, and like the technology that came before it, this new AI is being pushed to the limit by people on the Internet.

From prompts asking Bing to respond to the toxic oil spill in Ohio in the style of GLaDOS, to making the AI forget what it is, the subreddit dedicated to Bing is full of strange and crazy stories about the chat AI being pushed to its limits.

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While many believe they are simply testing what the AI can accomplish, there has been considerable backlash from those who believe some are taking it too far, and forcing Bing to respond to terrible scenarios abuses the AI.

There are those who even believe that, because of the ease with which Bing is manipulated, a chatbot like this could be used in the future to spread disinformation. Right now, however, it seems that many people are just having fun telling Bing what to write.

Bing's AI chatbot has already been driven crazy

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