Dacia Spring, just the beginning: the new electric car from Mioveni, officially announced. When it launches

Dacia Spring is one of the most interesting and attractive electric cars for Romanians. It sold like hot cakes, and the Mioveni manufacturer failed to produce them fast enough. For this reason, the unveiling of a new electric car under the Dacia brand is all the more interesting.

Dacia has big plans for the coming years, under the umbrella of the Renault group, and some of them were confirmed during the conference for announcing the financial results for last year. On this occasion, we learn that Spring will have been only the first electric car made under the Mioveni manufacturer. The second is scheduled for 2024.

Dacia electric, number two

Rumors of a new electric car from Dacia came online shortly after the launch of Dacia Spring. So far, however, these have not been confirmed. In the context of the press conference on the financial results recorded by the Renault group in 2021, the CEO of LUca de Meo spoke about several future cars created under the brands of the French group.

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Among them is a future electric Dacia. This is part of the brand’s electrification strategy until 2025 and is scheduled to hit the streets of Europe in 2024. In other words, in 2023 the concept should be revealed and at the beginning of 2024 you will be able to order it.

In the same context, Renault also offered a first teaser of a concept equipped with a hydrogen-powered engine. But that is an exception to the rule. Currently, the interest is in electric, and in 2024, no less than four new models of Renault electric cars will be launched. These include flagship models such as the R4 and R5, a completely new electric vehicle and a zero-emission van. In addition, the upcoming Alpine sports model will feature a hot-hatch version of the legendary Renault 5.

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However, returning to the new electric car from Dacia, the successor to Dacia Spring, it will be developed on the new CMF-BEV technical platform resulting from the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, intended for category B electric models, with a range of up to 400 Kilometres. The architecture is also used by the electric version of the Nissan Micra, respectively by the serial version of the Renault 5 concept.

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